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  • I’m wondering about the future of WordPress in regard to block themes. I’m not a fan of the full-site editing feature and I don’t wish to use it on my sites. My clients are already having a difficult time with the block editor for posts and pages. I don’t want them to potentially have the ability to mess with the overall site appearance. I tell all my clients not to log in to the Admin account, but I can’t control what they do once I turn the site over to them.

    It sounds like translation is more complex with block themes as well.

    So I wish to use only non-block themes on my sites, but I’m wondering if they will eventually go away. In the future, will we still have the option to choose non-block themes, or will WordPress eventually support block themes only, forcing us all to use the full-site editing feature?

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  • To my knowledge, there are no plans in this regard. It would also be an impossibility to no longer support classic themes. Many theme developers, even Automattic, have been using them successfully for years and also make revenue with them. Therefore, I see no danger that these themes will no longer be supported.

    However, if you still have concerns, you still have the chance to get involved in the development process of WordPress. Check out to see what’s going on in the WordPress core and also participate in discussions on this topic, should it ever come up.

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    Thanks so much for your helpful response, @threadi! I signed up for the WP Trac mailing list.

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