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  • I know from a legal standpoint it could be valuable. I had a customer ask me to give him a list of Usernames and ip and dates they agreed. He needed it for a legal matter he had to deal with. Unfortunately I didn’t have the ability to do this.

    agree – however if this could be turned on or off that would be great, we have some fairly tight privacy rules here in NZ about what can and can’t be collected.

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    Oh, good thinking, thanks! Keep em coming, especially any concerns about restrictions like that so I can make sure those are considered early on 🙂

    YEs! That sounds great!

    Definitely. It will help in cases of stolen logins. I can also see if a login is being shared either by hack or on purpose.

    I track failed logins; why not successful?

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    Interesting thought Mr Squirrel, I like it.

    Ms. Squirrel 🙂

    I know passes are, well, passed around. I used to have around 30 paysites. I had scripts to track logins and if 2 IPs used a login, it would be frozen until I could investigate. I’d research the IPs and if in different cities, I’d email them. Different states or countries? I’d freeze permanently and credit payment back to avoid a chargeback.I learned the hard way. While I slept, one login made the rounds of hacked paysite forums. Literally 100 different countries, municipalities, states and cities got in and downloaded the whole site. Took 24 hours to protect but years to track down my copyrighted images on other paysites.

    Some people don’t care and say it’s just part of business. It’s theft. I didn’t just let it go.

    We all need to protect our sites. One spammer on your blog can cause Google to blacklist your sites.

    Track successful logins. Protect YOUR investment of time and/or money. Thank you for considering it. Ideally I’d want to read this info in the admin area with a checked box to save the log (logins.txt) and clear it and a checked box to just to do either

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    *Ms. Squirrel, my apologies 🙂

    Thank you very much for your insights, understanding that is incredibly helpful in understanding what users would want this for, and can inform the tactics I take in implementing it.

    What would you refer for navigating to this page:

    • A submenu under Users
    • A submenu under a new Agreeable sidebar menu
    • Other?

    My plan for displaying it would be in a table just like every other scrap of content in WP, is that not desirable?

    I’d prefer it under Agreeable in case another tracking script was under Users, but that’s just me.

    For display, the output would be each on a line. Columns with date, then login name and then IP. If the IP could be clickable to a site you choose to give the location, that would be time-saving.

    Other ideas are a checkbox to save the log (either FTP or by email) then one to delete and start a fresh log. I debated between FTP and email and I think from a security angle, email is safer. No passwords would be used. But if you have a busy site, the log could be large so FTP would be cleaner but risky.

    Maybe give us the choice which we want to use would be best. We should know our hosts’ and our own security to make a decision.

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    Hey all-

    This extension is now available for purchase at our premium plugin shop- Kraftpress.

    It tracks the logins just like you asked, and you can clear the records or export them to CSV and download.

    Scheduled email delivery is on my list for the next version, as well as scheduled clearing of the records. I’ll see if I can find an API for geolocating the IP, or if not I’ll make a link like you said.

    Purchase entitles you to a year of updates and support, and helps keep the new features coming 🙂


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