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    I am looking to see if a pluign has already been developed which would list the users which have contributed content to a particular field or custom field.

    Our use case is that we have several people contributing data to custom fields. I can restrict write access to the fields through the roles and user permissions. But once the data is in the field, can I then run a report to see who made the edit or contribution.

    I’m not sure which terms to look under or search for to discover if this kind of work has already been done, and how.


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  • Hello. You are looking for a plugin who do the same thig as wikipedia when a user change something on the page ? I’m sure it exist on worpress but I don’t know where. If you are searching for a quick solution, I suggest you to let user say by themself if they contribuate at the moment where the put a comment. As a questonnary.

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