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  • Hi,

    I’m using the I’m using your sendgrid plugin to send emails (via web api) and it seems the tracking image isn’t being added on send.

    I added the following to the function mymail_sendgrid_presend() on line 140, just above $mailobject->pre_send = true; in sendgrid.php to fix it (I guess this is the most appropriate place?). Still testing but it appears to resolve the problem.

    // Add Tracking Image
    if ($mailobject->add_tracking_image){
    	$mailobject->sendgrid_object['html'] = str_replace( '</body>', '<img src="' . $mailobject->baselink . '&k=' . $mailobject->hash . '" alt="" width="1" height="1"></body>', $mailobject->sendgrid_object['html'] );

    Hope this helps.

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