[resolved] Tracking down bug - What files are executed when you hit Preview/Save Draft? (2 posts)

  1. SoItBegins
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am tracking down a rather annoying bug in my copy of WordPress (where putting certain exact things in the content box makes Preview and Save Draft hang), and I'm trying to figure out exactly what pieces of WordPress PHP are executed when you hit Preview or Save Draft.

    Sadly, I know no AJAX, so I'm not exactly sure what file(s) are called up by JQuery when you hit Preview. What I do know is that the bug (whatever it is) will cause the preview process to fail— once you click Preview, post.php never gets loaded in the new tab that is spawned.

    Anyone know what files are launched?
    The blog is running a (squarely hacked) version of the theme Vigilance 1.34, and using the plug-ins Core Sidebars, Executable PHP Widget, Maintenance Mode, Vertical Response Widget, WP-Mail-SMTP, WP Subtitle, and WP Keywords (custom hack of WP Subtitle). It is on an IIS server.

    I have tried enabling debug mode, but nothing comes up while it is on. The blog is running on an IIS server.
    Help / advice?

  2. SoItBegins
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Um, never mind. After some troubleshooting and a small test run of WireShark, it appears the problem resides with my webhost.

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