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    I’ve decided that my template needs to be changed, but I remember that I’ve added html here and there for various plug-ins (Google analytics, maybe?)…and I can’t remember what or where. Is there any kind of journaling so that I can look back to see what I did? I didn’t know enough to plan ahead and I don’t know what-all is going to disappear when I change themes!

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  • First backup your existing theme files then you can’t lose anything. Then if you have access to the original theme you could do a compare of the original version to your current version with something like Beyond Compare.

    There is no journaling or revision control for theme or plugin file edits from WordPress administration panels. But you could look at version control for your future changes.

    Thanks, Michael. I guess I could look at them in Word – compare docs – without too much trouble. I’ve already been through manually and discovered that there’s absolutely no reason why google analytics should be working, even though it is, so I’d like to resolve that mystery anyway!

    In case anyone else wants to know, if you use a Mac and don’t want to wade through with Word, you can use BBEdit for code comparisons.

    ..and on pc the excelent

    by the way, what I do to control the versions, is using comments on the code, and then commenting the style.css for versions.

    like so :

    Theme Name: Wost Architects – (3) 0.11.8
    Theme URI:
    Description: Custom Design Theme For Wost Architects Berlin / New Layout (AGAIN) and javascript
    Version: 0.1.8
    Author: krembo99
    Author URI:

    TO DO LIST : (will it never end?? )

    – Clean code for IE , after ALLLL changes (possiable??) will be finished.
    – Compress CSS
    – Compress Javascript
    – Check CSS redudency


    Changelog :
    – added IF statement for homecollage-3 for category-9.php
    – added CSS homecollage-3 (another change) for the about page white (need also title-3 but no color declared)
    – added #singletitle padding bottom 0 0 10px (was0) to accomodate IE7 and 8 (6 was ok)
    – added conditional IE tag for P element with &nbsp for MORE.. link on index.php
    – changed header 150px was 100 – fix explorer 7 and 8 because of image menu and fixed scroll bar (3 hours !!!)
    – added body html hack , overflow scroll to hide from explorer
    – changed location of “readmore” div to accomodate IE
    – addded a break line to accomodate IE in readmore div
    – added (again) the $i variable count on project and news pages to avoid IE error on line 130
    – $ i=0 (javascript to close all windows onload)
    – added to css the contentnotxt element with float left to accomodate IE
    …… And so on …..

    and in the PHP code , like so :

    <?php $i = 2; if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    <!–Start of each $i javascript item–>
    <?php /*I present a very stupid hack, this is category-9.php, hench – no need for IF statement, but I put it for integrity and similarity of pages, could simply change the div class with no statement*/ ?>
    <?php if ( in_category(‘9’) ) { ?>
    <div class=”homecollage-3″>
    <?php } else { ?>
    <div class=”homecollage”>
    <?php } ?>
    <div id=”test<?php if ($i != 1) { echo $i-1; } ?>-header” class=”accordion_headings<?php if ($i == 1) { ?> header_highlight<?php } ?>” ><?php /*changed on ver.11.8 */?>
    …and so on…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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