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  • Sorry, I am trying to get a grasp on how a trackback works.

    If I make a post on my blog, and I originally saw the topic on another blog does simply linking to the other blog’s original post mean a trackback is created?

    ==== POST TEXT =====
    blah blah blah post… see original story (link to news service)

    via (link to other blog)

    Or, do I also need to post the link to the other blog in the trackback textbox of the “Write Post” page?

    Sorry if it is a dumb question 🙂


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  • Hi moshu, I don’t think I saw an answer in the Wiki, sorry.

    Again, does a trackback automatically happen for any site that is linked in a post I make, or only if I specifically add a URL to the trackback textbox?

    If I need to add them in the trackback textbox, do I add the full URL to the article in question, or just the base URL of the site?


    you must explictly use the trackback URL in the trackback textbox. it will not appear automatically until you specify this.

    If you have pingback enabled and the other blog can recieve a pingback then the link in the story will be enough to send an excerpt back to other blog. Other wise you can choose trackback and it will automatically link back as well. To see what is working you can link back to one of your own posts. The pingback uses the permalink. just add it in the body. If it works it will show up in the comment for the post. Then don’t put the permalink in the body and put the track back link in the track back box. The track back link is different then the permalink. By default it is the permalink with /trackback/ added on the end

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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