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  • I posted a post with a link in it to my MT blog, but no trackback link appeared (and yes, I do have pingbacks enabled on that post on my NT blog)

    I saw something in the docs about checking a box that says:
    Pingback the URLs in this post
    When this box is checked the WordPress pingback engine will scan all of the linked URLs in your post to see if they return a XML-RPC header to indicated that they support pingback. This can slow down the posting process quite a bit so if you don’t plan on using this for one particular post it’s probably best to uncheck it.

    I cannot find this option anywhere.

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    Thanks for the reply…..mine is checked on. So why doesn’t it work? The post shows no trackbacks.

    Incoming trackbacks from MT don’t work either. This is why I have never been able to justify moving to WP. The install all went fine. What have the WP peopel against trackbacks? It’s nver worked out of the box, where as NO problem with MT, with DotText/Community Server. So what do I have to tweak or hack to get it to work? Is there a fix? I was investigating WP again since I had successfully impotee al my MT blog posts and comments, and I was having trackback spam problems. I suppose that’s a good way to stop trackback spam, eh? Just don;t have trackbacks) Seriously , though, what can be done to get TB working, and then what spam protection is there for Comments and Trackbacks?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    dlature – who is your host ?
    It could be something to do with them. Do they have other WP blogs that have TB’s working ?

    I don’t know if they have other WP blogs. I have an MT and a dotText blog there, both of whom TB’s work

    What could they have to do with it? Is there a setting I need to check maybe? I don’t have moderation on.

    Oh, by the way, it’s

    I’ve had trackbacks work on an earlier version of WP on this host, but there had to be some tweaks made that I got from some forums. Looks like it’s the same deal here.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would suggest an email to your host enquiring about TB’s / PB’s might be useful and that if they have any worries or questions they either post here or contact Matt.
    There have been cases here where the blog installation is fine, but that a host setting is stopping the function.

    Outgoing pingbacks and trackbacks do not work with There is already a bug on this.
    It used to work before I chose the wrong path to upgrade.

    Is there any priority to fix it?

    It seems that incoming do not work either, from two separate blogs (MT and Community Server–formerly dotText)

    Is it possible for a host to have something disabled that allows for trackbacks coming from and going to MT and dotText to work, but not allow WP to work? It seems more likely (I could be wrong) that there is something non-standard with WP’s 1.5.1 implementation

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    Most blogging tools use fopen() to send trackbacks, and most shared hosting companies have begun to disable allow_url_fopen() for security reasons. Because of this, WP v1.5.1 was the first release to use cURL to send pingbacks and trackbacks rather than fopen(). Please make sure that you are running WordPress v1.5.1.2, as many pingback and trackback-related bugs have been fixed since v1.5.1. If you are still experiencing the issue, please add a note to this bug report (your Trac login is the same as your WordPress Support Forum login):

    I am goin over to the bug report to post.

    Upgrading to 1512 did not help.

    I fixed my pingback and trackback sending problem yesterday. let me know if it is helpful to you.

    I don’t know what you did to fix yours. I just looked through my Admin Options and can’t find anything about what pings are being sent, or where the timeout is set

    My bad 🙂

    I used a custom plugin to set my timeout. It is not available as a standard option. Let me know in my post above if you are interested.

    Providing there is interest I can provide it in a day or two.

    BTW: The most hated part of creating a plugin for general use is documenting it 🙁 Unfortunately (for me) I am sucker for good documentation. So I have at least half-a-dozen plugins lying around which I haven’t published it yet as I couldn’t get around to documenting them.

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