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  • Trackbacks don’t work in my blog … the blog that *I* installed, that is.

    I resell hosting and naturally host my own site on the same server. When I transferred my old site to the new server, I just directly copied the WordPress files and changes the settings appropriately. Everything works except the outgoing trackbacks. I’ve been all through this forum and have verified that everything on my server is as it should be.

    Through my site’s Cpanel, I can use Fantastico to install WordPress. Now here’s the crazy thing. The Fantastico installation’s TrackBacks WORK, but my manual installlation DOESN’T!

    Thinking maybe a file was corrupt, I only changed the Fantastico installation to point to my normal database rather than the one that it created. This one and only small change “broke” trackbacks.

    My theory is that there is SOMETHING in the MySQL database that is preventing my manual installation’s trackbacks from working and something different in the Fatastico installations DB that allows its trackbacks to work.

    Incoming trackbacks work perfectly, but the outgoing do not work on only the manual installation.

    Crazy? YOU BET!

    Any ideas?

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  • Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    BTW, my real blog is and the Fantastico installation is

    I jsut tested it.. you can delete the comment I left. If your comments are being held for moderation… then are the trackback posts being held for moderation too?

    And as far as outgoing trackbacks…
    SDo you mean when you post say a comments on a page referring to like my site? and you put my tackback to that article in your trackback box where it says
    Send trackbacks to:

    IE: try writing a new post, and
    in the Send trackbacks to: put

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    Yes, that’s what I’ve been trying. I manage another blog on an entirely separate site and have tested trackbacks both ways. I always wondered why the people I’d link to would never have the trackbacks show up.

    I can receive trackbacks. So yes, I see two trackbacks from Erica and Aleeya dotNet.

    I can’t SEND trackbacks. Either automatically from just containing a link in my post or manually by inserting it in that “send trackbacks to” field.

    What I tried is copied a trackback URL for my off-site blog and then posted the exact same thing in my “blog” and also in my “testblog.” The trackbacks from “testblog” always showed up immediately, but the trackbacks from “blog” never showed up. (I’ve made trackbacks to friends’ blogs from several months ago and they still haven’t shown up!) Not even trackbacking to my own blog from the blog works!

    My new idea is to rename “blog” and install fresh with Fantastico. But I’d somehow need to reimport the original DB into the new DB without carrying over whatever is causing the problem.

    Wow I did not know it had posted two posts lol. I only ment to do one <shrug>

    One thing I have seen in previous posts… Another user I had read about ran across that.

    In the Admin , options , writing,

    Update Services
    that person had a lot of pingback places. and such. The person i had read abouta few nights ago.. had tried deleting everything out of there and then sending one, and it then worked.

    Other than that, I am not sure

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    Well, that’s the only pingback service listed.

    I spent some time comparing the “options” database tables tonight, but the few differences seemed unrelated.

    hmmm. What version of WP are you using? What did it do when you tried to send a trackback to trackback ?

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    Version 1.5.2.

    I didn’t try sending a trackback to because I’ve already tried with another server that I KNOW was working.

    Ah well, its ok.. I went ahad and took it down anyway. You could always just try to another post.. wouldnt hurt to try.. but anyway. The computer that WP server is on.. wouldnt have a firewall by ancy chance? or the server you sent one to wouldnt have been running bad behaviour would it? i have run into those before as well..

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    Yes, my host has a firewall. But remember this: I have a WORKING installation of WordPress on my same site. The only difference between the two installations is the database.

    I don’t know what to say then. If you have narrowed it down to the only diff being the database.. then I would say you might have answered your own question.

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    But is there a way to transfer all of the posts, comments, and categories from one DB to the other?

    If i knew how to do that, then i wouldnt have to recopy and repaste my old stuf from phpnuke database to the new wp one 😉 somehow i doubt it.. unless you want to do it manually

    Thread Starter Daniel J. Lewis


    I GOT IT!

    I established that my database was obviously the problem. So I started thinking about ways to fix that. My theory was to backup my current database and import it into the test blog. But I didn’t even have to do that.

    I downloaded Database Management plugin from and then just backed-up and immediately restored my database all in the same blog. Trackbacks works now.

    There must have been a corruption in the database that Database Management cleaned up in the restore.

    I’m so happy. 🙂

    Glad you got that worked out….

    Now for how to handle a database with phpmyadmin: select the database you want to work with from the left-frame dropdown. When the db loads into the right frame, you’ll see some tabs at the top above the db info. Select export tab.

    On the export page: you’ll see a small box top left which lists all the db tables. Under that list are some choices: click Select All to highlight all the table names. Ignore all the other stuff on the page, scroll down to the lower part of the page. There’s a check box next to Save as File. Check it. Don’t worry about anything else UNLESS your db is HUGE, in which case change the radio button from “none” to “zipped” or “gzipped” depending on what uncompression program you have.

    Click “go”. A dialog will open asking where you want to save the file. Select a place on your hard drive using the normal explorer sort of movements.

    This dumps the current database to a file, in other words, makes a local backup.

    Now: to import your database dump into a new one. First BACKUP THE NEW DATABASE EVEN IF THERE’S NOT MUCH IN IT!

    Then, on the database screen in phpmyadmin, under the list of tables is a “check all” option, click this. There’s a dropdown box; select “drop” and answer “yes” on the screen that asks if you want to do this. This leaves the database viable, but with NOTHING in it.

    Now, click the SQL tab at the top. On the query screen, below the text entry box, you’ll see a text box with a “browse” button. Click the browse button, navigate to your backup database, double click on the file name, and then click on “go”.

    Assuming no problems, your old stuff will be inserted into the new database.

    Yes, there are potential problem areas. There are ways to correct almost all of them. If you run into them, post here or email me at vkaryl *at* bytehaven *dot* com, I’ll try to help you sort them out.

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