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  • agentsheaven


    Okay, I’ve spent so much time looking for the answer to this, and not found it. My trackbacks won’t work… sometimes.

    Here’s the deal, it’s definitely not an issue of the blogs I’m pinging not accepting them, because they’re never being sent. You know how you’ve got the area to add the TB URLs, and below it the “Already pinged:” URLS. Well, if they’re still in the box where you pasted the URLs and not showing as “already pinged”, then they were never sent.

    The strange thing is, usually I start off not adding any of them manually, hoping the auto-notification will take care of most of it (it does when I linked to my own blog posts. Though it didn’t today, in a post where I linked to a lot of other blog posts too). So why is it doing that?

    My first guess would be that it thinks I haven’t actually linked to these other blogs, so I don’t deserve a trackback… but that can’t be, because I clearly am linking to those other blogs. I still feel like it may relate though, as I’ve noticed that when trackbacks actually go through, they will usually show up (on other people’s blogs) excerpting the section of text that links to them. Is there maybe an issue there, because I’m linking to to many different blogs in one post?

    PLEASE HELP! This is killing me.

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