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  • Since updating to 1.5 my trackbacks seem to be broken. That is to say if I add a trackback to another blog on my site, my post does not show up in the trackbacks section of that other blog.

    Are there any reports of this not working with 1.5 or have I just broken something on my own?


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  • Podz has a site setup where you can test trackbacks….


    Great link, I tried it and it is indeed broken. The trackback doesn’t seem to go out from my site to the other one.. I checked in the moderation queue there as well. Any idea what might be wrong now, that wasn’t wrong in 1.2? (they worked fine then)


    Tested it; trackbacks don’t appear on the target site.

    I’m not php-savvy enough to fix it; all I can do is wait for a fix. I know this was a thorn after 1.2 and trackbacks were broken.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Try this fix. This version of functions.php has that fix included. Replace your existing functions.php with it.

    I’ve kept up with the updates after the release of 1.5 and just tested an outgoing trackback and my install did send the trackback, so try the fix ryan mentioned.

    I’ve tried ryan’s fix, then tried to trackback, but it failed.

    same here… I put in the extra carriage return and linefeed and still no joy. I tried a different trackback URL as well. I can’t spend time on this right now, but can capture this to the debug log and pass that on later.

    You might also need other files besides that one that have been updated. With the latest files, my TB is working.

    Ryans fix seems to have done it for me, thanks very much.

    By “With the latest files,” where can I pick up the rest of them? I headed over to where the nightlies use to be, but I don’t know where these “latest files” are kept.

    I put in Ryan’s fix and trackbacked the tamba2 link above and it works fine. It doesn’t appear on the site since it’s moderated, so you have to login and view comments to see it. Login credentials are supplied on the tamba2 website.

    Thank you, Sphyr! I was tearing my hair out; especially since datter’s showed up while I was refreshing the post I’d sent the TB to.

    I tried Ryan’s fix and tested using Podz’s site above but it wasn’t working for my blog.

    I’m using the standard install of 1.5 (downloaded and upgraded on 2-17-05 if that makes a difference in figuring out which files might be “bad”). I’m using a relatively heavy modification of the GreenTracks theme but I’m not sure that’s relevant.

    Tried the latest download (2-22-05), which has Ryan’s fix in it and trackback still did not work in either direction. I am using a subdomain and that might have something to do with it — maybe the URLs get resolved wrong.

    i found that I needed to trackback to my “posturl/trackback” in order for it to work. I couldn’t just have it link to my post url.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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