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  • In my 1.2 ver. blogs the trackback URI would show up just above the comments like so:

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    The URI to TrackBack this entry is:

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    In my 1.5 installation the URI does not show up. When you hover over the “trackback” link you see it in the comment window of the browser, but it never shows up on the page. Where would I turn this feature on, or what hack is needed to cause the URI to show up? Thanks!

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  • To show the trackback URI I’m guessing that the following needs to be placed in one of the ver. 1.5 php files:

    <?php trackback_url(display); ?>

    I’ve looked all over and cannot figure out which one. Help please? Seems like this should be a toggle in admin or something later on. Have also seen some cool ways others are having them show up in text boxes and such when you click on the trackback link, but just want to get it to show up for now like it did in 1.2.


    OK, figured it out on my own.

    Had to copy/paste the code for showing the RSS feed and Trackback URI from the classic “comments.php” file into the same file in the theme I am modifying, which is “Shaded Grey” from Then I added the template tag from the top link above, changed the wording a little, and got what I was looking for at least for now, and the trackback works.

    Thanks for the links above, and for the chance at self-education.

    See this fix at:

    the sidebar’s ‘Archived Entry’ area has the Trackback URL

    what you are complaining, I dont understand.


    I am just trying to make it easier for my readers to be able to copy the trackback URI. Blogger and MT display it with the comments, and that is what I wanted to do, and what I was able to do. Works for me, and for the less computer literate reader too, I guess.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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