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  • I am using permalinks and sometimes the trackback uri can be quite long. No problem about that, but in design the string doesn’t wrap and changes my floated div’s width making it ugly design.
    Does anyone know how to force wraping of the string of the uri?

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  • strange… i’m on firefox (0.8 on winxp) as well, I see the huge long URIs but they don’t stretch the div width at all, they just spill over outside the div.
    rb: nice solution!

    Just because Opera and IE allow for people to not design things properly does not mean they are better. Nyah. 🙂
    DIVs with hard-coded widths won’t stretch.
    Randy’s solution is nice, BTW.

    NM, while I agree with you in theory, this is a bug in Firefox that has been “bugging” me for a long time. One would think they would have fixed it by now. Now I need to pay more attention to “post slug”

    It’s probably something else with my code, because it doesn’t rap in neither in firefox nor in ie.
    Great idea randy!That works great 🙂
    Sushubh the link you gave says what it does but not how to do it. Sounds interesting though…

    alethia: unless you just made a change, the trackback url in IE does wrap 🙂 On a post with a long title, you can go into “edit” and change the post slug there.

    while posting in advanced mode their is this text box for post slug:
    so u are free to make your own URI structure no matter what the post name is…

    From a UI pov, displaying a long URI is rather ugly. Better to create a link with instructions to copy the link.

    my original reason to use post slugs to prevent google ignoring real long ones but it does not… i just use it for keeping the URI’s short for asthetics.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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