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  • Hi,
    Someone did a trackback to a post in my newly installed WP2.0, but i don’t get any notification of this. I have a custom blog address format, and followed the instructions of what to put in the .htaccess. Everything else seems to work fine. Is there any way i can test tracking back to my own blog easily ?

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  • tamba has a test blog up you can use to test trackbacks.

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    Thanks. It doesn’t seem to work with that blog either, though 🙁 Anyone have any suggestions on what to test next ?

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    I found those as well. I didn’t test them yet, because my understanding was that these patches solved problems *sending* trackbacks. My problem is that i don’t receive them. At least, unless both systems i sent the trackback from are buggy of course.

    Ok, before we go further, I have to ask the silly question.
    Do you have Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.) enabled in your dashboard / options / discussion.

    Also, this may sound really crazy, but try to trackback to the article URL itself. I had someone do that, and it showed up as a trackback.
    see this here
    If you want comment in that thread, and give me a trackback URL to trackback to, and I’ll use that article to send one to you. Kind of test both blogs at the same time.
    I had implemented the 2163 trac and haven’t tested it since then.

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    Right, I meant to confirm that i had the option enabled earlier, but forgot that. So yes, it’s enabled.

    I tried trackbacking to the article itself (actually, i seem to have tracked back from another article in my blog), and that indeed worked! The trackback URL is the one here:

    So, what does this mean ? That trackbacking is working, but that the other blogs that tracked back have a bug ?

    EDIT: I added a trackback to your thread from the post i mentioned above, but it doesn’t seem to show up.

    Hmm.. Yeah, I think my trackbacks are still broke. Did you use the actual tb URL or the article URL.
    Well, let me try to trackback to your article above and see what happens.
    I think I might be having permalink issues or something.

    Ok, I used Tamba’s site a few times, and I think what we’re getting are pingbacks, not trackbacks.

    I’m going to scour the trac and nightlies and see if anything has changed in those files and see if I can’t get it rolling again.

    It looks like the TB I sent to your article is either not being received by you, or my sending of tb’s is not working.

    sigh… fun fun fun…

    Do trackbacks from WP1.5 work? That would suggest a WP2.0 “sending” problem. if not, then it indicates a “receiving” problem (or both). is still WP1.5 if that helps. Try this article,

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    I received a comment, but just needed to approve it, which i did. Is that comment yours ?

    wasn’t mine..
    hmm.. ok I’ll check out that article.

    archshrk, I sent a trackback to your article. Guess it’s a sending AND receiving problem… sigh..

    archshrk, I just got your trackback. Could you possibly tell me which URL you used?
    thanks a bunch!

    citeewurkor, I have the same exact problem. I can send and receive pingbacks but trackbacks are not working in either direction. 🙁

    I am following this thread closely.

    makemead, I just sent one to you, too. Your fix a poll article.

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