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  • I’ve been getting tons of trackback spam on one of my blogs. It’s showing up with my comments. I also turned trackbacks off and they’re still showing up. Why are they with my comments, instead of above them and in comment form (instead of looking like an actual article from another blog)? And how can I turn them off?

    When I have more time, I’ll install a plugin if there is one. I have to get ready for school, now. I get bombarded through the night!

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  • Argh, this started happening to me too today. I have trackbacks turned off. What the hell? I also have a plugin set up so that users have to preview their comment at least once before it can appear. How can I make sure that trackbacks are *really* off?


    Blocking words like Texas holdem and poker for the comments stopped the ones I just got from appearing on my site. (But they are still in the moderation queu for comments.) They have to be connected with the comments more than trackbacks? I don’t understand. An expert or official should explain this.

    I’m still getting them, trackbacks are turned off.

    They’re not showing up on my site though, which is a good thing.

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    Turning off trackbacks only deactivates trackbacks for future posts. You would have to also edit each past post to completely deactivate trackbacks via this method.

    To completely and effectively deactivate trackbacks, delete the wp-trackback.php file.

    There is more discussion on this and a solution for turning off trackbacks on posts in the past:

    I’m looking for a way to actually keep NICE trackbacks but get rid of spam.

    “I’m looking for a way to actually keep NICE trackbacks but get rid of spam.”

    As are we all! I’d suggest trying some of Podz’s suggestions:

    Then you’d have to force trackbacks to the moderation queue. You’d have to manually make the selection then.
    I haven’t seen any other solution so far.
    I’ve posted a complete how to to permanently get rid of trackback spam (by turning them off completely) but Id’ like to reactivate them one day. To do that, I still miss THE solution. Forcing trackbacks to the moderation queue isn’t a solution to me, it’s merely a workaround.

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