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  1. lokjah
    Posted 11 years ago #

    hi there can someone tell me how best to deal with this? I havent had any of it until yesterday and the same stinkin dirt merchant texas holdem poker is doing it. they also have started to hit my contact form on another site of mine.

    the other day I came across a post here on how to deal with junk referrers, so I implimented this and it hasnt done much. I did traceroute's on the domain names but really didnt know which ip to use in the code below. Is this really just a losing battle doing it with ip's they are never static anyway right? would it work better with the url?

    if (strpos($HTTP_REFERER, 'ttp://') > 0)
    $pieces=explode("/", $HTTP_REFERER);
    $lookup = gethostbyname($pieces[2]);
    if ($lookup == "" || $lookup == "" || $lookup == "" || $lookup == "" || $lookup == ""
    || $lookup == "")
    syslog(LOG_ALERT,"redirected $pieces[2]");
    header("Location: " . $HTTP_REFERER);


    thanks alot....

  2. lokjah
    Posted 11 years ago #

    ugh.. never mind posted without looking....sorry

    *delete me*

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