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Trackback problem (4 posts)

  1. JensM
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Sorry, I don't wanted to use a new entry, but I cannot post into the old thread even if I change it to unresolved (then I get the message "Something odd happened."

    So I have to open up a new thread for this issue:

    It's very strange. On the 14th of August I used my last trackback, as I mentioned here.

    Since then I couldn't make a trackback anymore. I haven't changed something in the config area and the option to call all linked blogs about a new entry is already unchecked.

    When I am writing a new entry I have delays (look here in the support area, where I described it). It looks like the server is being contacted and nothing happened. But when I am manually load the main page of my blog the new entry is there. But no trackback.
    When I am trying to edit this entry the trackback URL is still shown in the "Send trackbacks to"-area and not mentioned as "Already pinged".

    Somewhere I have heard, that these delays could be caused by too many trackbacks in an entry - but in the newest example http://www.pottblog.de/2005/08/24/herzlichen-glueckwunsch-geschaeftspartner/ I had only included one trackback.

    Could it be a server problem, althoughI am only using this blog at this server (no other program from me is running there)?

  2. JensM
    Posted 9 years ago #

    New development:

    I wrote a blog entry with an "internal" trackback (back to my own blog) and saved it - and it didn't worked. Then I was editing this entry at another computer, saved it - and then suddenly the delays while saving weren't there and a "302 found" page appeared, with a link included to ...post.php.

    But when I manually looked at the saved entry I saw that the trackback hasn't been placed.

    Now it seems to me, that I can't use trackbacks for external blogs and also not for my own blog while referencing older articles.

    Not so nice for a blog.

    Has ANYONE any ideas?

  3. skippy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Post delays can occur for trackbacks and pingbacks. If you have pings enabled, then WordPress will automatically try to send a pingback to all of the links in your post. In your sample post above, you have five links, none of which will accept pingbacks. Nonetheless, your blog will try to send a pingback to each, and won't fail until the connection times out.

    This should be resolved with WordPress 1.5.2, which introduced a new way to send pingbacks. I see you are using version 1.5.2. Perplexing.

  4. JensM
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Dear skippy,

    thanks for your answer! I have de-activated the pings (for the above mentioned entry) and when I saved the entry there was only a minor delay before I automatically returned to the edit section. When I load the article the trackback hasn't been sent to the other blog.

    This should be resolved with WordPress 1.5.2, which introduced a new way to send pingbacks. I see you are using version 1.5.2. Perplexing.

    The problems I describe occured since I updated to 1.5.2 although I was able to publish one article with trackbacks since I updated.

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