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  • So I have this dream, its a meager one and a grandiose one.. its very pathetic too… I dream of a world where trackback spammers pay and pay A LOT for their activities.

    What I would love to be able to do is have a plugin that inserts some trackback SEO-poison in the RSS stream.. so that when the weenie spammers snag my content via feed and post to their blog.. a nofollow script poisons their page. (I dont care WHAT it does, I want it to have a direct and instantly negative effect on their pagerank tho)

    ALL of my content is marked “All Rights Reserved” in many places.. there is 0% chance that any use at all is allowed by my terms, thus there is fair warning that my content would be poisonous to the plagiarist. If they do not take the time to read my terms, that is their problem, not mine.

    I hope 1) this exists already or 2) someone make the plugin and lets me know!

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  • Ummm… some misuse of terms here.

    ‘Trackback spammer’ would indicate people hitting your site with trackback spam. They don’t generally have blogs.

    If you mean ‘RSS aggregators’ or ‘Rebloggers’ grabbing your content, that’s a completely different case. Solution is generally to not feed full content, unfortunately. You can also embed advertising or other elements into your feed.

    I’m not sure if there’s something you could embed that newsreaders would ‘filter out’, but that in raw HTML would give some effect — likely not. You could always embed an invisible 1×1 tracking image if you want to ‘see’ who is reading your posts, from ‘where’ — assuming that the rebloggers grab all the content and blindly repost it, including images being remote and not local, then that’d work to tell you who’s using your content, MAYBE.

    If it’s really trackback spam you are trying to stop, just get one of the anti-spam plugins (bad behavior, akismet, et al).


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