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  • I’ve been asking this question ever since I first starting playing with WordPress a couple of years ago: Why does WordPress implement this feature DIFERENTLY from other blog systems? I have THREE other blog systems: Movable Type (my main blog) and dotText, and Community Server (which subsumed DotText, both built on dotNet). All three of these trackback from one to another without a hitch…I create a post in one with a link to a post on either of the other two, and a ping is recorded on the receiving blog in the feedback or as a Trackback.

    However, in WordPress, it is reuired that I go into the Trackback section of the target blog post and copy the Trackback URI and enter that separately into the “Send trackbacks to:” section.

    I can understand , I think, not making this the default behavior, but I have yet to see an implementation of a way to set this as the default for a post.

    I have heard various arguments from people on the WP forum here about how Movable Type has the Trackback/Pingback definitons wrong. I don’t care what is defined as what. I want some compatibility and consistency. Given that ALL these other blogs (as well as a couple of others who feature “Trackback/Pingback” displays for posts, I sure wish I could do this with Wordpres. I have argued before that to require two addtional steps (copying a separate URL from the actual post’s Permalink (which I use to point to the post…in order to also “ping” the post, is to lessen the appeal and the convenience of the Trackback/Pingback feature, which is to help notify blog authors of the posts of others who reference them, and this can help produce “blog conversations” (assuming the problem of spamming can be handled somewhat effectively).

    Is there a setting in WP2 that I have missed, or an available plugin to enable my WP blog to automatically pingback to the blogs to which I link in one of my posts?


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