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  • All of a sudden after a certain point my trackbacks and pingbacks are not working. I think this is because at one point I included a trackback URI that wasn’t real (I just made it up because I couldn’t find the real one) and now the trackback code is stuck in an infinite loop and won’t continue on to the next ones. I read this idea on a blog post but it was referring to v1.5 and v2.0 but I am using the latest v2.3.1 so my problem might be different.

    When I try to execute /wp-trackback.php I get this error message

    <message>I really need an ID for this to work.</message>

    Please help fix!

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  • wp-trackback.php is for incoming trackbacks, not outgoing ones.

    And a bad trackback shouldn’t get it “stuck”.

    But you can tell if you can look at the database using phpMyAdmin or something. There’s a column on the posts table named “to_ping”. That should have the trackback URL in it. Empty that column and it will stop trying to send the trackback to it.

    If there is nothing in that column, then there’s no trackbacks pending.

    I understand if I check another person’s entry and didn’t see my TrackBack there it might be that they don’t accept it but I tracked and pinged my own blog and don’t see anything come up. I had a test blog ping my blog and it showed up immediately.

    I wanted to see if I entered the URL incorrectly, so I edited my post, and in the TrackBack entry field, it states “Send trackbacks to:” followed by the textbox, and the URL is still in the textbox; what normally happens is after publication of the post, there will instead be something below that like “already pinged:” and a list of URLs. (I can supply screenshots if it would help.) This to me suggests that the TrackBack was never sent.

    Anyone? This problem just came up all of a sudden when pingbacks to my own posts didn’t go through. In one post, one pingback went through but the other one didn’t so I think that’s where it started. WordPress shouldn’t be having this problem, any help?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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