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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Try sending from there to your blog and from your blog to there. Let us know what posts you made and the results?

    Thanks for your response.
    As i am testing it in local system..i’m unable give the url, but can you point out what may be the cause of the problem.

    I read here (
    that this issue has been fixed in WP2. But it doesn’t work.

    Podz, a bunch of us are having this problem. We can receive trackbacks and pingbacks from the TestTrack site, but we can’t send them there.

    Can you help us isolate what the problem might be, perhaps by suggesting possible “fixes” until one works?

    I’m about to try the “fix” that requires me to clear the ping field in my MySQL database. (Need to track down the support article with instructions.) If that doesn’t work, I’ll try the fix for the PHP memory increase (

    I think what I’d like to see is a solution to the problem. If we find one, I’ll write an entry for the Codex with the symptoms and solution so people who have this problem in the future can look there.

    What’s frustrating about this is that because only SOME people are having the problem, there isn’t a concentrated support and troubleshooting effort. And to make matters worse, people who have the problem keep starting new support threads rather than just jumping on an existing thread to add their info. That makes gathering information about the systems having the problem extremely difficult.

    Let’s get it fixed!

    A follow-up on the above.

    I flushed out the to_ping field for the MySQL database for my blog. (There were only five entries and they were all for my recent tests.) I then tried again to send a pingback and a trackback to the test site. No luck.

    I then followed Avery Parker’s suggestion and upped my PHP memory allocation to 32 MB (I tried 16MB first) in the php.ini file. This didn’t resolve the problem, either.

    I removed all update services from the Writing Options administration panel except No luck.

    I’m now officially out of options. Got any more suggestions?

    Again, I can RECEIVE trackbacks and pingbacks without any problems.

    And one more fact that might be a symptom: if I go back to “edit” a post with a trackback, the URL is still in the trackback box. There’s no indication that it has been sent. On a blog (I have one of those for testing purposes), after sending a trackback, the edit box is cleared and the URL appears in a list of pings beneath the trackback area.

    In my case, after sending a trackback, the edit box is cleared and the URL appears in a list of pings beneath the trackback area, but that doesn’t make any entry in my site.

    You said: “but that doesn’t make any entry in my site.”

    You mean that it doesn’t make an entry in the site you’re tracking back to, don’t you?

    When you do a trackback, the trackback should appear as a comment on the site you’re tracking back to. The entry the trackback is attached to is the only thing that should appear on your site.

    Or are you having trouble RECEIVING trackbacks from other sites?

    Just trying to figure out if we’re troubleshooting the same issue.

    Okay, here’s another question for the experts: what version of PHP is REQUIRED for trackbacks/pingbacks? Perhaps I’m not up-to-date enough.

    Keep in mind that this is the only feature I seem to be having problems with.

    hi mlanger,
    Its not working in both ways. I’m not able to SEND as well RECEIVE. Is there any plugin?

    It shouldn’t be related to a plugin at all. It should just work — as long as you have options configured properly. (I know I do.)

    I’m trying hard to find similarities among the people with this problem, but am getting nowhere. It’s very frustrating.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    mlanger – who is your host?
    I can edit the title of this thread and put your host name there. It might help.

    PHP versions do not matter.

    When you trackback it should appear – in a 2.x version – under the trackback box. (I suggested ages ago that it should differentiate between ‘already pinged’ and ‘already tracked’ but nothing came of it).

    We need to find other people on your host – it may be them, not you.

    I am my host. 🙁

    My sites are running on a Mac OS X Tiger server using its built-in Apache and PHP. DSL connection, fixed IP address.

    Versions per phpinfo():
    Apache: 1.3.33
    PHP: 4.3.11

    mod_rewrite is loaded

    Although the problem MIGHT be Mac specific, I don’t think it is — a lot of other people appear to be having the problem. In fact, I’m willing to bet that a lot more have the problem than know about it, since it only manifests itself when you attempt to send a trackback or pingback. Not many people do that and those who do don’t always take the time to check to see if their trackback/pingback succeeded.

    Any advice on things to check would be greatly appreciated.

    Of course it COULD be my ISP — Qwest — somehow blocking trackbacks or pingbacks?

    Maybe if I had a better understanding of HOW trackbacks work I could troubleshoot it. In other words, what exactly happens when I send a trackback? My ping goes out; is something required to come back? Does it need a specific port? Perhaps I just need to open up another port. All of the trackback/pingback articles I’ve read — and I’ve read a BUNCH! — are either too simplified or too complex to be useful or understandable.



    Thought I’d update this with new info. When I moved my WordPress blogs off my server and onto a GoDaddy server about two months ago, trackbacks and pingbacks started working immediately.

    So the problem appears to have been with MY server setup — not necessarily WordPress. I don’t know what was wrong with my configuration and will probably never find out. To those of you having the same problem, try setting up a test blog on another server and see if that helps.



    Do you have a .htaccess on the wp-admin directry and putting a password protection?

    I had exactly the same problem and when I remove the .htacess, it started working.

    until today i didn’t have a trackback uri at the end of my posts and trackbacks were never sent.
    After adding a trackback uri for my own articles, the sending of trackbacks suddenly started to work.
    I wasn’t actually expecting this 🙂

    Maybe someone else has got the same problem and this solution might help?

    I seem to be having the opposite problem.
    I can SEND trackback and pingbacks… but can’t receive them

    I verified through

    There’s gotta be some simple setup or perhaps htaccess issue.. but I’m out of ideas.

    More details here:


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