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  • I’m running 1.2, and I’ve been having the same problem… neither trackback nor pingback works, despite my best efforts. Is there a trick to it? 😉

    Same problem happened for me in 1.2 mingus, and I upgraded to 1.3alpha nightly from one or two days ago. Still having the same problem as well.

    I have WP 1.2 mingus and TRACKBACK doesn’t work at all.
    I can ping via putting links into the post and having the “ping back the uri’s in this post” box checked.
    I will say that I’ve had trouble with how those pingbacks look though, sometimes they are fine, and other times they have a piece of the <head> code in the output … like the last two or three lines before </head> and it didn’t matter what I had in that spot of the “head” , it outputted it sometimes, and sometimes not. I haven’t pinged anyone else, as far as I know, but have worked at trying to trackback and pingback myself to see how it’s working.
    I have tried it with permalinks turned on and off. Trackback never works, and pingback usually works but it’s kind of funky as to what it’ll do. I’ve had it good and bad using the uri to a post, and using the trackback uri to that post.
    That’s that.

    Put me down for also having trackbacks do nothing in 1.2 . I’ve now tried twice, and to two different blogs, but neither one received the trackback.

    Me3 – trackbacks do not work for me. It’s a brand new 1.2 installation.
    Any suggestions on how I could fix it? Right now I’m using a manual trackback form at Haloscan but it’s such a pain.

    I have this problem too. I can trackback other sites, but can’t trackback my site. Just for your info, this bug has been reported:

    I am having the same problem. What gives? I just moved from moveable type and now I can not use my trackbacks.

    Me too. This is a deal breaker for me, who had all but moved from my broken MT install (encountered when I tried top upgrade to version 3). Now that I reverted back to MT 2.66, after much sweat, I am beginning to doubt that WP is the solution now. I like it becuase it’s PHP rather than that nasty perl, but Trackbacks MUST work, and my import of previous MT posts must be fixed……none of my existing MT posts with html in them transfer over right……I still have my MT data exports, so I’m up for suggestions, and will continue to browse for solutions to this and the trackbacks issue…….Nopw’s the time to get those converts WP folks! I’m a ready convert….just can’t make the break yet, due to those two things.

    I have WP 1.2, and I cannot send or receive trackback pings. Even manually entering them when I post. But, I have a custom permalink structure (YourBlogsURL/wp-admin/options-permalink.php). Could this be causing the disfunction? Perhaps there’s a bug somewhere that trackbacks for the default (and non-existant) entry URL instead of the actual one.

    I have WP 1.2, and I’ve been successfully sending and receiving Trackbacks ever since I started using it.

    I will chime in and say that I have never been able to use update services with wp 1.2. My trackbacks and pingbacks work but update services doesn’t.

    OK, WordPress people! Any answers here? Is ANYBODY listening? This seems to be awful response……All of these requests ….indeed MAJOR BUG REPORTS are being ignored. I can’t see how an Open Source Software can stand for it……the people who help write this, or the people who use it and have this working (if this is indeed the case that trackbacks actually work in 1.2) how can any of successful users of this feature keep quiet, or ignore this? Somebody! Please! I’ve posted in this thread before describing the problem, and just posted in another thread.

    I had an outgoing problem on someone I was helping move from MT. Found out he was pinging pingomatic and had helpfully added all his other pings in there (all of which pingomatic was pinging already). The minute I took the extra pings out, his trackbacks and pingbacks to other blogs started working.
    Might not be your problem, but it wouldn’t hurt to check. Pingomatic automatically pings the following (last I checked):

    Just to get this thread back up – same here, neither track nor pingback are working. What’s the point in having a blog if it doesn’t communicate?
    Could one of the developers please shed some light onto this?

    According to the dev blog trackback may be fixed in 1.3. We shall see.

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