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  1. jjsallee
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Can someone please give me a quick trackback and pingback moderation course 101. I get these from time to time and am not sure how to respond.

  2. Check the referring site, make sure you want to pingback/trackback, approve if so, delete if not.

    I usually only delete the ones that are, clearly, splogs.

  3. deepcell
    Posted 6 years ago #

    all that about splogs are very confuse.. !@#$%ยจ*&
    no problems are being solved and only bla bla bla.. sorry, now I got 2 months trying to solve up this problems and nothing yet!!!!
    Please, could anyone help me out on this wp issues.. really punk now..
    any idea? captcha, re-captcha, images verification, questions, something else? I mean, I would like a simple and good solution like block the SPAMMERS (bot's - ip's - ??)...
    I had used a Plugin to block down all the ip's spammers, but it is not necessary since them come from everywhere around the globe..


  4. captcha, re-captcha, images verification, questions, something else?

    None of these will help splogs. Spammers, yes, Splogs no.

    To understand why, you need to learn What Trackbacks are and why they're different from comments as well as How pingbacks are different from both.

    The short answer is they're MUCH harder to stop, but thankfully Akismet usually catches them and flags them as spam, so you don't suffer. The best you can do is go back to the referring site, determine if they're human or bot, and approve/deny based on that.

    If you're determined, Google "WordPress Trackback Spam" and study up.

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