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  • When a write a trackback URL at my post.(in the trackback field) I don’t see my post on the side, from which I have the trackback URL.
    It’s a bug? Or is something wrong with my blog only?
    And when I ping a side, must I get a status message or it’s ok when I doesn’t see something of that?
    thx for your answer.

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  • What version are you using? Trackbacks/pingbacks should work (for the most part) in 1.2 Mingus. The most part comes from encoding issues between different blogs.

    Agree with LL. Both are working 85% on my WP 1.2 Mingus blog. The 15% is probably not WP’s fault.

    I use 1.2 Mingus.
    Oh I see now its work. ;|

    mine does not work either and its most probably a server issue coz it was working on my last server!
    btw, here is a test page for trackbacks for ease!

    My trackbacks worked for a time after I upgraded to 1.2, but after a few days, both internal trackbacks [I TB old entries when I reference them] and external trackbacks [specifically, one Alex King sent] fail to show up for me. 🙁

    I think I have froun the problems:
    a) wordpress 1.2 (and the nightly build) do only tp xmlrpc pings. The site I tried to ping wants a simple URL ping. My fault.
    The second problem, with trackbacks were trackbacks with parameters.
    Those parameters did not get passed over correctly. I have seen this problem already documented in the bug database. It’s easy to fix – I think.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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