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  • I can’t make the Trackback & Pingback work properly on my wordpress blog.
    Trackback & Pingback related tip/help is needed.
    Please reply in details.

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  • I’m using WordPress 2.6.5 as self hosted blog.

    My Blog Link:

    Everything works properly except Trackback & Pingback.

    i have this problem also

    everything works except pingback and trackback.

    when i disable all plugins it works, but when activating vipers quicktags pingbacks and trackbacks dont work anymore.

    My pingbacks show up in comments in the dashboard but don’t show up under blog post even though they’re enable both under settings and post. I have a number of plugins related to comments and tweaked the code. I’m a relative newbie so it’s disheartening to see no fix in the forum.

    Leisegang can you list your plug-ins for us? If your pings work AFTER disabling all your plug-ins then that says one of those plug-ins has something to do with this. Many people are having trouble with pings right now. You might have part of the answer if we can identify which plug-in might be messing with this.

    when activating vipers quicktags pingbacks and trackbacks dont work anymore

    I don’t see how that’s possible. My plugin doesn’t screw with that kinda stuff.

    Plus it works fine for me on my blogs.

    Same here. I wondered why pingbacks and trackbacks won’t work. After reading 11Mytics’ hint, I disabled vipers video quicktags and pingbacks working properly again.

    I don’t know how this plugin is affecting the ping-functoonality, but there must be a relation. Testet on two diffrent blog.

    Any errors in your error log or anything? I can’t debug this as I am unable to reproduce the issue.

    I can confirm that my blog (2.8) won’t sent pingbacks, if the Plugin “Video Quicktags” is active…

    I can confirm that my blog (2.8) won’t sent pingbacks, if the Plugin “Video Quicktags” is active, too

    I have test it several times

    I found the problem to be a missing code line (2.8.3).

    Apparently, in comments.php (Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor -> comments.php) there is the following check line:

    <?php if ( !empty($comments_by_type['pings']) ) : ?>

    Testing it, I found that the $comments_by_type variable is NOT SET, hence the IF check will fail and trackbacks and pingbacks won’t show.

    To fix this, just add the following line BEFORE the line above:

    <?php $comments_by_type = &separate_comments($comments); ?>

    This simply sets the $comments_by_type variable with the necessary info for the loop to take on pings and trackbacks.

    Basically it should look like this:

    <?php $comments_by_type = &separate_comments($comments); ?>
    <?php if ( !empty($comments_by_type['pings']) ) :  ?>

    instead of

    <?php if ( !empty($comments_by_type['pings']) ) : ?>

    Let me know if this has helped you guys out with your versions.


    Thanks Mike but I don’t have that line in my comments.php code (I use 2.7)


    I have 2.8.4(2.8.3 security problems), and in comments.php i can’t find such line.
    Also have Atahualpa theme 3.4.1.

    seems that many people have this problem with trackback and pingback.
    Where is a moderator, when we need one!

    This issue was fixed a few months back in my plugin. You shouldn’t need to make any file modifications.

    Ok I don’t have those lines in my comments.php

    I still want to beable to test my pingback and tracebacks.

    Does anyone know a site that I can test this on.

    also I don’t get the trackback URL thingy at the bottom of my posts 🙁

    Please could someone help me

    Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks!


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