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    Today I recieved the first trackback-spam. I noticed that these type of comments can’t be deleted via the WordPress Admin-Interface. Is this planned for the next release?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would like this too.
    I noticed because I’ve had some trackbacks that just reference my site – not a post, the blog as a whole – and they are getting tagged onto the first post I made using WP.
    Comments are shut off with the ‘auto-close’ plugin, but obviously tbs and pings are being added.
    If a trackback to my site works, then a spammers job just got a whole lot easier didn’t it ?
    I’ve had no trackback spam, but this seems like a great big hole somewhere, and it could do with closing.

    whoa, this is something of a revelation :O someone needs to hide this thread all together :O before anyone get to know about this :O

    Note: that would be pingback spam, not trackback spam. And it’s not so much spam as it was a bug in the previous incarnation of pingbacks.
    In 1.3, this bug won’t be there. (I just fixed it in CVS, heh.)
    About the auto-close plugin’s ability to close pingbacks and trackbacks, I’m not sure. We’ll look into it.
    As for editing/deleting trackbacks and pingbacks, it is planned.
    In fact, with the current CVS, there doesn’t seem to be a distinction between trackbacks, pingbacks, and actual comments in edit-comments.php.

    Ahh, I knew it would happen sooner or later and just a few hours after reading this I got some trackback spam of my own. Blissfull isn’t it? Meh! Damnit I hate spammers.

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