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    From within the Media Upload dialog for the album post in question, you must drag the tracks into order. It seems unnecessary, I know, if all the tracks are already seemingly in order, but WordPress will not assign the ‘menu_order’ to to attachments until you drag at least one of them into order.

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    That was it! The method you described has worked for me & the audio tracks are now numbered. Thanks for your help.

    I have one further question; is there a way for the player to display with the track list expanded by default without than having to press the button first?

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    Glad its all set.

    As for playlist expansio : Not yet. Ill put this into the next update. 🙂

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    Thanks again, that sounds great. I look forward to playing with your next version

    I have this same problem. I have re-ordered them about a million times now and doesn’t make one bit of difference. What am I doing wrong?!

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    nutman, are you saving the changes within you media uploader dialog after reordering?

    what browser, browser version, and OS are you using?

    last, can you post your process of creating an album, step by step?


    I am saving the changes.

    Tried in Chome & Firefox, both latest versions – same result

    Win 7 64bit.

    Create album -> give it a title -> add media -> upload files and then drag into order along the bottom of the media box -> close media box (not inserting into post) -> publish.

    Edit page im adding it to -> Use the SE Albums menu item to select my album and insert the shortcode into the page -> Update page.

    I created another album to see if that would fix it, and rather than upload new files I just selected the existing files within the media upload box. After adding the new album to a page, there were no files in the album. I’ve also tried changing the attachment display settings from ’embed media player’ to ‘link to media file’ which made no difference.

    Very nice plugin.

    However, I’m having a similar problem to others. It’s probably a simple step we’re missing. Cannot get track numbers to become anything but zero. I’ve re-ordered files in Media Upload dialogue using Edit mode at bottom of page, but I don’t think the re-order is being saved.

    If you’d like to look at it via remote access (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, VNC, etc.) I’ll can arrange.

    If you make a YouTube video showing the actual, complete process, I’m sure that would be helpful, too.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Here’s a youtube demo video:

    For the problem of track numbers showing as zeros, your video did the trick!

    In particular, it demonstrated that Uploaded to this post must be selected in the dropdown menu of the Insert Media page.

    Because I’m a novice at this, that wasn’t obvious to me, and I suspect that’ll be the case with others.

    Is there a place we can make donations for your efforts?

    Looking forward to the update that allows the album to render with all tracks shown as an option. Cool and useful plugin.

    Thanks again.

    – Jim

    Plugin Author sedevelops


    Thanks Jim. Glad the video helped.

    I forget sometimes that we’ve all got different levels of experience with WordPress and that some things are more/less obvious depending.

    No donations necessary. I could pretty easily add a new shortcode parameter, maybe something like:

    [SE_album_player album_id=autoplayer dl=true <strong>tracks_open=true</strong> cover=]

    …to let the album display with tracks open by default.

    I’m waiting to hear on a few other support threads to see if I can’t also roll out some other fixes at the same time.

    However, if you wanted a quick solution to this problem, just add this line of javascript to your theme:


    It should open all playlists on a page after loading.

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