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    I should have probably asked this question in Google product forum, but since I am using Google analytics in wordpress website, I am expecting some help from here. I am using google analytics plug in to track my site. I have also another site. How can I track them individually with one google analytics account? Somewhere I read that, one tracking ID can be used with multiple websites. Another thread says:

    There are a maximum of 50 profiles per Analytics Account, and a limit of 25 Analytics Accounts per email address.

    What does that mean. I do want to use one email id for tracking all my websites. So do I have to open individual analytics account associated with one gmail or do I have to create multiple analytics profile to track multiple wordpress sites?
    Hope you can help.

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  • How many sites are we talking? Less that the quote you gave?

    I have 15 sites set up one one account, works fab.

    I have one Account set up on one email address. And within that one account I have 15 profiles.

    Each profile maps to a site, and each gets it’s own Tracking ID like



    You’d want a different tracking ID per site to track analytics per site individually.

    Thanks you very much for your clear answer. I have less than 50 websites. So I guess I can track them individually by creating individual profiles and associated tracking IDs.

    Hi I am currently hosting about 30 websites with different domain name and manage/track the Google analytic reports for each.
    I am now building a WordPress website where I want to access/track Google analytic report for all the websites on a single click.
    Can someone please let me know if there is a good plugin that can help me to do so?


    Nice question, one solution would be putting one property code to every websites to track them together but that is inconvenient. There might be some system to see all property data of google analytics together if they are under same analytics account. Different sub domains of a website can be tracked using different profiles under a property but, not sure how to track all the properties together. I am looking forward to this thread too.

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