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  • Hi

    I’m trying to deep monitor the efficence of my website contents and links.

    A simple example of the analysis I’d like: two my pages A and B have both links to my page X.
    If I can see that page X has been visited 12 times and
    – 10 visitors come in X from my webpage A
    – 2 visitors come in X from my webpage B
    I can deduct that X link is stronger (or better) with A page than with B page.

    Is there a WP plugin that can make me verify this webpages connection?
    Maybe… something that looks like an “internal referrers pages” in my site’s pages!?

    Thanks a lot!


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  • Well this may not be specifically what you wan’t but Google analytics is very powerful and just with sticking a bit of JS in the header can tell you peoples browsing routes and can tell you what page they were at before yours and what page they went to after.

    In terms of a specific plugin for what you want, I’m not sure if this exists (I find that most stuff actually does) but it wouldn’t be hard to develop.

    Thank you Ganners.
    Well.. the first place where I looked was in Google Analytics, but… the referrer pages are only for “foreign pages”, not from my website’s ones

    Or.. is there a way I haven’t seen yet to use G-A?
    Thanks a lot


    Under content overview you can view different entrance paths to pages on your site. And on navigation summary, if you clicked on the page you want a summary of it will tell you the page they were in before and after, so would be a good indicator on what link works best.

    I use WP-Referrers.

    Off the top of my head, since I’m having database issues, I can’t say that it tells you how many visits come from each page, but it does tell you which links are used.

    Yes it does. It does show the number.

    Mine does show links from my own site. Might be worth a test.

    You’re right: the function is “navigation summary”, wich tells me even more: how many
    – come in from (previous)
    – pages outside
    – other pages in my website
    – go out to (next)
    – pages outside
    – other pages in my website

    Thanks a lot!!!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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