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Trace Route Explanation Help

  • My computer is blocked on any isp address to two WP sites…

    Here is the Trace Route from my computer after typing this into terminal…
    traceroute to http://www.welookwelike.com

    64 hops max, 52 byte packets
     1 (  36.407 ms  23.422 ms  30.216 ms
     2  tge0-7-0-3.csmscagl01h.socal.rr.com (  13.524 ms  12.444 ms  13.083 ms
     3  agg30.cyprcabw01r.socal.rr.com (  15.634 ms *  33.140 ms
     4  agg27.lsancarc01r.socal.rr.com (  23.931 ms  22.421 ms  15.441 ms
     5 (  16.895 ms  16.786 ms  20.101 ms
     6  ae-0-0.pr0.lax00.tbone.rr.com (  16.516 ms (  15.674 ms
        ae-0-0.pr0.lax00.tbone.rr.com (  15.402 ms
     7 (  15.251 ms  15.304 ms  16.086 ms
     8  vlan60.csw1.losangeles1.level3.net (  158.721 ms  157.951 ms  158.659 ms
     9  ae-93-93.ebr3.losangeles1.level3.net (  155.596 ms
        ae-73-73.ebr3.losangeles1.level3.net (  157.766 ms
        ae-83-83.ebr3.losangeles1.level3.net (  158.466 ms
    10  ae-12-12.ebr3.losangeles1.level3.net (  157.121 ms  158.222 ms  159.516 ms
    11  ae-91-91.csw4.washington1.level3.net (  158.965 ms  155.059 ms  157.581 ms
    12  ae-92-92.ebr2.washington1.level3.net (  170.542 ms
        ae-72-72.ebr2.washington1.level3.net (  160.229 ms  158.989 ms
    13  ae-44-44.ebr2.paris1.level3.net (  157.675 ms  160.211 ms
        ae-41-41.ebr2.paris1.level3.net (  157.245 ms
    14  ae-92-92.csw4.paris1.level3.net (  161.566 ms
        ae-62-62.csw1.paris1.level3.net (  186.579 ms
        ae-92-92.csw4.paris1.level3.net (  159.003 ms
    15 (  156.033 ms  157.528 ms (  158.754 ms
    16  11-internet.edge5.paris1.level3.net (  174.521 ms  176.446 ms  174.328 ms
    17  te-2-4.bb-d.bap.rhr.de.oneandone.net (  177.556 ms  178.766 ms  178.490 ms
    18  ae-2.gw-dista-a.bap.rhr.de.oneandone.net (  175.335 ms  179.616 ms  177.805 ms
    19  vl-1991.gw-ps13.bap.rhr.de.oneandone.net (  180.542 ms  177.582 ms  179.575 ms
    20  customerhosting.co.uk

    [Moderator Note: Please post log files between backticks or use the code button.]

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    Forum Moderator

    What exactly is the question?

    I see http://open-interactive.com/ and http://www.welookwelike.com (if these are the sites you are referring to) just fine.

    WordPress does not block anything. Have you spoken to your host?

    Open Interactive is the company I do content writing for… I am blocked from accessing the websites of my clients on my MacBook Pro (tax resolution institute and total hr management) on any isp address and even through a proxy, on 4 different browsers tried with everything emptied from cookies to a DNS dump. The problem is something on my computer is identifying me as a hacker or a threat. I put in any username and password combo, the a screen blinks, and the boxes either go blank or refill with the same username & password. I have gone through caches, login items, every library folder and found nothing. We checked it all with WP and found nothing external that was wrong and I tried on multiple ISPs to get access. I have thrown out almost all third party apps and utilities. I am working with Mavericks OS 10. 9.1 on a 2009 MacBook Pro. And I feel so screwed and I don’t know what to do next… please help if you can.

    [edited to remove excessive code]

    Moderator kmessinger


    Forum Moderator

    Please post any “ridiculously long” anything to pastebin.com

    I have edited your post to get rid of this snapshot. If you think it relevant repost it on pastebin.com

    Again, this is not a WordPress problem as far as I can tell.


    I put in any username and password combo, the a screen blinks, and the boxes either go blank or refill with the same username & password.

    Is this in a WordPress log in screen?

    Yes, this is the WP log-in screen. I know it’s not a WP problem, but I just don’t know what I am doing to trigger such a response and how it can be stopped. I am at a complete loss.

    The problem is something on my computer is identifying me as a hacker or a threat

    if you know the problem, then why cant you fix it?

    i am sorry to be harsh, but if you come here for help then completely ignore the help, then why bother?

    so help me better understand the issue…
    the site works fine?
    any every computer but your own?
    and using your computer on another network still has the same effect?
    and you think its the website?

    do you have cookies enabled?
    javascript enabled? (this may not be needed, but will give us a better understanding)
    do you run through a proxy?
    what browser do you NORMALLY use?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Forum Moderator

    I put in any username and password combo, the a screen blinks, and the boxes either go blank or refill with the same username & password.

    You have accessed the site but that is not the expected behavior. You should get an error message like this – ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?

    Have you confirmed your user names and passwords with your clients? It would seem the problem is on their end.

    I never get an error message, and we control the usernames and passwords, not the clients. I use Chrome with cookies enabled and Javascript enabled. I do not normally run through a proxy, but we tried that approach and nothing happened.

    Yes, we know the problem, but we can’t figure out what is causing the problem on my computer. It is so frustrating because nothing has worked. This is after years of being able to access both of these sites without a problem. Then POOF!

    Moderator kmessinger


    Forum Moderator

    So on other computers you can log in?

    Yes, on other computers, I can log in without a problem. My computer is the problem.

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