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  • Hi, I appreciate all of your work for TeachPress and it is really wonderful plug-in. But lately the tpsearch does not display correctly on my website. Not only the search field but also the entire content is displayed additionally to the already existing and wanted content list.

    Here is the shortcode I added:

    [tpcloud user=”5″ maxsize=”30″ minsize=” 11″ show_user_filter=”0″ show_bibtex=”0″ show_author_filter=”0″ show_type_filter=”0″ link_style=”direct”]

    [tpsearch user=”5″]

    Can you see where the problem might be?

    Thank you!

    All the best,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Are you still having issues? I seem to be having a similar problem.

    Plugin Author winkm89


    Hi Marion,

    I’ve changed the default options for [tpsearch] with version 7.
    You can go back to the old behavior if you change shortcode to:

    [tpsearch user="5" use_as_filter="0"]

    But I don’t recommend using [tpcloud] and [tpsearch] on the same site, because both influence each other. In you case is maybe the following [tpsearch] code an option:

    [tpsearch user="5" use_as_filter="1" show_year_filter="1" show_tags_as="pulldown" show_bibtex="0" link_style="direct" template="tp_template_2016"]

    Thread Starter marionwien


    Thank you! I modified it a bit:

    [tpsearch user=”2″ style=”none” use_as_filter=”1″ show_year_filter=”1″ show_tags_as=”cloud” show_bibtex=”0″ link_style=”direct” template=”tp_template_2016″]

    The problems here are:
    1) the year filter displays but when choosing a year, does not filter
    2) the solution does not display so nice, as it does not leave any space between each components (cloud, search box, year filter, entries).
    3) and the entry list ist not anymore grouped into year as it does using tpcloud.

    So what I did now is,
    1) one side which offers a cloud search using
    [tpcloud user=”2″ maxsize=”30″ minsize=” 11″ show_bibtex=”0″ show_type_filter=”0″ show_author_filter=”0″ link_style=”direct”]

    2) and offered as an option to the user by included a link to page 2:
    [tpsearch user=”2″ style=”none” use_as_filter=”0″ show_type_as=”0″ show_bibtex=”0″ show_tags_as=”1″ template=”tp_template_2016″]

    Plugin Author winkm89


    Some ideas about your problems:
    1) [tpsearch] filter like the year are working only by clicking on the “search”-button. This is a small limitation due to the search field. The second limitation is, that the combination of tag cloud and search field is currently not working well.
    2) That’s right. I will do some optimizations on the spacing of the elements with the next version.
    3) Add the parameter headline="1" to [tpsearch]. This should help 🙂

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