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  • Okay I installed WordPress on a clean installed allready WordPress 1.5.2 install on the root of my server (PHP 4/UNIX) any way I go to the import thing click on textpattern enter my details import categories done, import users done import posts, goes to log in screan, enter password, – password is wrong, send password out reset again wrong again 5 times wrong again. Whats going on? cookies are enabled tried in k-meleon, ie 6 and firefox. my firewall accepts cookies so its not that. before wordpress logined in fine, i have also updated the db and all that.

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  • tried it again same thing, my mysql db entries are okai, everything seems to be up to scratch on my end, im runnign txp 4.02 as well.

    If you’re looking for 1.5.2 support, this is the wrong place. This is for 2.0 support.

    That said, the importer for Textpattern that far back is broke! I wrote the official Textpattern importer for WP 2.0 and if you are looking for a change from Textpattern, go download WP 2.0 RC3 or wait for the official stable release possibly as soon as tomorrow. Trust me, the Textpattern importer with that version is much more inclusive than the other one.

    Yes this is the textpattern importer on WordPress RC-3, thats what I ment it imports the users and categories, then it stuffs up the user table or something… try it

    Edit sorry I didn’t notice that i wrote that before.

    Here is the problem…
    in the import it has the following steps
    Step 1 cats
    Step 2 users
    Step 3 posts
    Step 4 comments
    Step 5 links
    Step 6 finish
    Wordpress import stuffs up at Step Two
    once it imports the users it I find you can’t login, I read the file and it says that it should chagne all the users to password123 but that doesn’t work either.

    To fix this, when you run through it Skip the import users
    to do this change the number in the url. after you click step one it go to step two change the above url to three at the end and bingo just keep clicking next and it run sweetly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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