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  • I posted this in Suffusion’s Aquoid forum, but thought I’d post here as well, where I might reach a different audience.

    I was told Suffusion can’t replace their slider without going through a new review process, which could cause them to have to take out a lot of features (I don’t know why). Therefore, they have not added a slider with touch/swipe functionality.

    So, how about a hack to include touch/swipe functionality? There must be a way to do it.

    I feel like I’m close, but can’t get it to work. Please check out what I’ve done so far, and tell me what I’m missing, if you can!

    Following the suggestion at this post, I added jquery.touchSwipe.js to the header (putting the script file in Suffusion’s script folder for now), then I registered the script in Suffusion’s function.php file (along with the updated jquery.cycle.all.js, v.3.0.3), making it work for the “lite” option in Back-End/Site Optimization, instead of the actual “lite” js file Suffusion uses. (This will substitute these scripts when I pick the “lite” option in Back-End/Site Optimization – that way I can go back to the regular setup very easily, allowing me to test this). And I ‘enqueued’ the new script in functions/actions.php.

    I also included the jquery.touchSwipe.js script in Back-End/Custom Includes, so it loads with the site.

    Finally, I added a js code snippet in Back-End/Custom Includes/Custom Header JavaScript, which was recommended by the above post.

    The slider is still working as before, using the updated jquery Cycle, but the touch/swipe functionality is still not working. I feel like I’m close, though. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track? What am I missing?

    I feel this hack would be very useful for Suffusion users, if we could perfect it. Since Suffusion cannot replace the script officially itself, due to the forced review it would cause, a work-around for us loyal Suffusion fans would be most welcome!

    Thanks for any help.

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