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  • So here’s the story- My Server’s spects say they have the requirements for MySQL and PHP. I create a database, username, password, ect… I unzipped the files, renamed and changed wp-config-sample.php to wp-config-sample.php, as directed, with the proper information and no errors, (spaces, ect..) uploaded all the files to a subdirectory called “blog,” but when i use my file manager to access wp_admin/install.php, i get a page that makes no sense!

    At the top pf the page, it says “wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started.” which i have. then it has some code… A few bits inside the code are not code, and say that i need the wp-config.php file.

    then it says “Welcome to WordPress installation. WeÒ€ℒre now going to go through a few steps to get you up and running with the latest in personal publishing platforms. You may want to peruse the ReadMe documentation at your leisure.” and asks for a blog name and email… alright…. I do that, but then the links that are on the page lead to 404 or Forbidden pages.

    Then lots more code, then some instructions about remembering my password, which i would be happy to do if i got one in the first place!

    I was getting help from my server people, but after making sure all the information i had was correct, they said they wouldn’t help me anymore because they don’t deal with 3rd party software.

    the really funny part is that when i use the regular old internet to access index.php, i get this:

    my browser is Mozilla Firefox version 1.0.

    I hope that’s enough information… can someone tell me what’s going on?

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  • renamed and changed wp-config-sample.php to wp-config-sample.php
    You should rename it to wp-config.php

    Moderator James Huff


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    The install.php file needs to be run in your browser. See:

    As for the error on the install page itself, it looks like there’s no file named wp-db.php in /blog/wp-includes/.

    [quote]I unzipped the files, renamed and changed wp-config-sample.php to wp-config-sample.php, as directed,[/quote]

    You’re supposed to change it to wp-config.php. Based on what you said, you renamed it the same name it was when you downloaded it.

    um… that was just acward phrasing…. no it is named wp-config.php… sorry about that. very frustrated here

    and that was bad spelling.

    but there is a page called wp-db.php in /blog/wp-includes/

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    Then it looks like you have a problem with your hosting provider, because that is exactly what the error message says.

    damn it. They said it wasn’t their problem.

    I’m completely about to give it all up and go with freakin livejournal. Did not go to bed a alllllll last night because i was working on this…. the last thing i need is another unhealthy obsession.

    Actually, I’m feeling the same way as quizzigal is feeling. This is way to complicated. I tried using powweb as my host, but they’re useless too. The real problem to all of this is that you need a good understanding of datebase programming language like php and sql and most of us don’t.

    Apologies for being blunt about this but if you get the same question over and over again within a 24 hour time span, then that tells you how unfriendly the WP installation process is. I mean, I could understand if people were having a problem with WP, after the installation process, but this is ridiculous and of course, frustrating.

    I would hardly call this the “Famous 5 minute install.”

    Sorry, I’m venting too. I’ve been at this for the past 24 hours, and no luck on my part either. I’ll probably just stick to Squarespace or Blogharbor.

    are those free?

    ok.. the trouble is… for FREE i get 100 MB of space and 3000 MB of bandwidth with my server. I LIKE that…. I don’t mind using third party software, but i want it be easy…

    You really don’t need ( as I didn’t need either) any understanding of php and/or sql. I just followed the instructions “blindly” and got WP installed several times. Always in les than 5 minutes.
    Except one case: when I screwed up adding the db user to db (in CPanel).

    i followed them exactly too… but still no worky. πŸ™

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    Before WordPress, I only knew HTML. I knew nothing about PHP and MySQL, and I still managed to get WordPress installed 3 times. I found the installation instructions to be very easy, reasonable, descriptive, and non-technical.

    If you are using a free host which does not provide for you an easy way to setup MySQL databases, and has a horribly hacked implementation of PHP (which can and will produce numerous errors in WP), then the problem is your host, not WP.

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