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    I’m struggling with styling the folding list generated by the Fold Category List plugin. I can usually fumble around and work out styles, but I just don’t know what style I’m applying to which element with this plugin. I’m not really understanding the heirarchy, I think……

    In my right sidebar I’ve got this

    <ul id=fold_cat>

    I’ve then found another theme which uses the plugin and copied all their CSS code for the categorys (because my brain was about to explode and I couldn’t stand it anymore trying to come up with my own).

    But the styling for the list seems to come partly from the styles I’ve defined called ‘fold_cat’ and also from the styles defined within the sidebar itself…..?

    I don’t get it? Why can’t I have all the category styles under ‘fold_cat……..?

    What I’d like to be able to do is style each nested section differently.

    And I’d also like to know how to use the “current_cat_ancestor” class. So I can have a defined style showing which section of the list the person is on.

    Where does this go? How do I style it on my CSS sheet? How do I define styles for “current_cat_ancestor”? In the sidebar or in the fold_cat styles I’ve set up.

    Would really appreciate it if someone can explain the logic of the styles as they are on my site and explain how I can refine and clean it up. I’m sure it’s a totally stupid mess.

    Would REALLY be grateful if somone could give me a pointer or two on how to style each nested list.

    I think I’ve spent 3 days on this, and am beginning to feel really stupid.

    Under construction site here:

    Many thanks.

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