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  1. surfnturf
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am totally new blogger and got the .org version of wordpress so i could learn to customize my site myself since i didn't see what i wanted on wordpress.com. Can someone tell me which theme to use? This is what I want my site to look like: custom photo background that i can download, custom header - i'd like to download a vector from the internet to have in the upper left corner coming out of the header and choose my own header color, also custom font - color, size, style etc, i would like each post to be on it's own paper or in it's own section on the front page, not all running together. does that make sense? i'd love for the tabs, dates, etc to look fun - not business like - almost like a hand made scrapbook, and 2 columns. i didn't see anything like this in wordpress.org's themes so i'm prepared to download a whole theme from an external site if i have to, but i'd rather use one of the .org themes instead. it just seems easier and i'm limited on time. i just need to get the site up and running, then i will learn the codes to tweak it which sounds really fun. thank you so much for any help and advice!

  2. WPyogi
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    Can someone tell me which theme to use?

    . Not really -- only you know what you want and there is no way around searching through lots of themes. Most if not all of what you described CAN be done -- but there is no single theme that is already set up exactly that way. It will take a bunch of customization of the theme and likely some plug-ins. Unless you know some coding (HTML, CSS and PHP) already, you'll need to learn some basics -- which can be time consuming and frustrating. That said, many people have learned from scratch and you certainly can too. This is a good starting point for customizing themes:

  3. surfnturf
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    thank you WPyogi. i appreciate your response and will check out the links.

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