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  • After many pointless hours trying to figure out why my subscribers are not receiving notifications of my new posts, I read @ other people in forums saying that notifying subscribers of new posts to my blog is not a function of wordpress?

    this makes no sense whatsoever and begs the question, what is the point of allowing people to subscribe to a blog that doesn’t send you anything? why is there even an option to subscribe if the subscription does nothing?

    I don’t get it.
    I’m also getting frustrated and double thinking my decision @ using this

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  • Subscribing is no standard option in WP, but there are plugins to add it. I suppose you’re using one of those?

    I just joined WP and subscribe2 came standard with the package, but it totally doesn’t work.

    so I just don’t get the purpose of a blog if the blog doesn’t send people notification of what you’re doing.

    it seems weird to me cheesy facebook can send an automated update to every single connection if I post, but classy wordpress makes me sort through 7,000 page of bugs and problems to end up learning code and installing a plugin that may or may not work

    i’m reading page upon page of problems with subscriptions and i’m bringing the launch of my website to a hault and starting to scour the net for simpler solutions, as that has turned out to be less time consuming than reading through the forums here
    i think i’m out

    subscribe2 came standard with the package


    if the blog doesn’t send people notification of what you’re doing

    That could be a lot of things, servers settings, I don’t know the plugin, so I can’t really comment on that.

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    Default, vanilla, WordPress doesn’t send emails for updated content or comments BECAUSE not every server can handle this. FaceBook controls its own servers and, thus, can do this. Ditto (i.e. NOT self hosted). If you host on your own, it’s assumed you have the savvy to master this stuff or you hire someone 🙂

    subscribe2 is a plugin. It may have been included by whomever did your install, but it’s not a standard thing, AND it’s a pay-for plugin if you want HTML.

    i guess this sort of settles it for me. i might as well think outside the box and use facebook as a blog, so at least the people interested get notifications and stuff

    otherwise, if the wordpress software doesn’t send e-mail notifcations, then I might as well cut and paste my words directly to my webpage and cut out the middle person and all the hassle

    thanks roy and ipstenu for replying,

    I think I’ll move on with my life now and start issuing my complaints to yahoo for selling me this

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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