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  • So many things are broken… Is this plugin officially not going to be updated? There are no replies here from the authors, and I regret having recommended it to a client just this weekend. My fault; I hadn’t seen that it was only listed as being compatible up to WordPress 3.4.2. Should we be concerned about the lack of response, or is an update planned soon? Note: she liked the plugin so much that she was considering buying the pro version until she saw how wonky it was…

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  • The plugin has been updated a few times in the last two or three weeks and it works for me on 3.5.1. The latest free version is 1.9.3-standard.

    I should have mentioned that I’m using 1.9.4-standard with WordPress 3.5.1…


    The latest version of Standard is 1.9.3 as malkieh says. The latest version of Pro is 1.9.5.

    What, exactly are you having a problem with? ‘So many things are broken…’ is not very specific and is very hard to address. I’m running ai1ec ver 1.9.5 Pro, WP 3.54.1 and they play well together.

    Could your ‘problems’ have something to do with your theme? Have you tried running ai1ec with the default WP theme?

    On Timely’s site, the only “standard” version for download is 1.9.4.

    This is the version I installed on a client’s site.

    On my other sites, I have an invitation to upgrade to 1.9.4. I’m not using the pro version, and certainly won’t upgrade to 1.9.4 standard until I’m confident it won’t mess up my other sites.

    I have posted the other problems in this forum: over-expanding agenda view, event times flipping around in a random way when saving posts… I tried the plugin with the default theme and nothing changed. In addition, the theme has nothing to do with the event times changing when updating a post.

    There are no plugin conflicts, I checked that too.

    When I uninstalled the plugin I got a 500 error and my whole site was down; had to bak. the htaccess file to get it up again.

    I’m mostly concerned that so many people have tagged this version as “broken” with WP 3.5.1 It does indeed seem to be the case… I love the plugin and would like to upgrade, but I’m terrified to do so right now.

    I certainly can’t tell you that any plugin is 100% error free, but I can say this:

    It is human nature to blame someone/something else when a problem pops up (that’s called the: me? I don’t make errors mentality.) Keep in mind that we are asking our operating system, WordPress, a theme AND ai1ec (each in their various versions) to play together 100% error free. The fact that they all work together to the degree they do, is, in and of itself, something of a miracle.

    The Events Calendar does work with my configuration (Win 7 Pro, Firefox 17.o.1, WordPress 3.5.1 and ai1ec 1.9.5 Pro), and I think for a great number of people.

    Have you contacted’s support folks? I’ve found them to more more than willing to work with one of their users in trying to resolve a conflict. When I contact them, I have to keep in mind that I’m not their only customer and they’ll get to me (and my problem) as soon as they can.

    Just my thoughts.

    Um….. I’m just looking for some answers/support here. Not trying to blame anyone for anything, not looking for come-uppance. Previous versions of ai1ec are working fine on my other sites, and as I’ve said, I’d like this version to work well too. Just trying to figure things out.

    And you will certainly have noticed that we’re not using the same version, and that others are having troubles as well (16 “broken” votes is not just one of us being dense.) And I might add that I’m not a noob.

    We have indeed posted on their site, no answer yet.

    I’d be happy to hear from someone who either has similar problems or has a solution I can try.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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