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  • Hi,

    Honestly, I feel sorry to post such a review, never been doing that before :/
    I know this might have been some hard work to build it, but honestly this is really horrible to set up “Good looking posts” with gutenberg.

    To give you an example : it has always been easy to put an image in a paragraph (left or right aligned). With gutenberg it’s just damn complicated and result is never even decent … And this is just a basic example to setup a blog post …

    Switching to code view is also just an abomination full of useless comments … The more you play with code blocks the more source code become awful. Just horrible for a dev to see such a mess … My eyes are just bleeding :'(

    I can’t even imagine why this has been the default choice to replace the old editor …

    EDIT :

    Being honnest, I understand the intention behind the plugin and the hard and tough work involved in this project…

    But I just can’t even understand / imagine why gutenberg has been chosen to become the default editor. This should just have been an alpha version of the new editor and just NOT the default one.

    You’re close to 70% negative (1 star) reviews and I think that it’s time to admit this is not a good rating and switch back to the old version.

    Even if Gutenberg might become something nice in the future, I think that, with so much negative reviews, users experience has been so much abused that no one will ever trust gutenberg again.

    Once again sorry to be so honest, but this is really what I feel and I know we’re legion to think the same way.

    PS: As you have seen, English is not my native language, so I apologize for the grammar, spelling and mistakes 😉

    To conclude : I understand how this might be frustrating to receive such negative feedbacks from the community, but sometimes, things just go the wrong way.

    May the force be with you …

    My 2 cents :s

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by nir0ma.
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