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  • When I go to WooCommerce > Shipping > WooCommerce Services and add a package, it asks me for the weight of the empty package and then the max weight of package and contents. So, I input the weight of the package with nothing in it (5.3oz) and then input the weight of the package with the contents added (8.2oz).

    Next, I go to WooCommerce > Orders, click on an order, and click ‘Create Shipping Label,’ WooCommerce, for some reason, adds the two numbers together totaling 13.5oz for the total weight. The total weight of the package with contents included should be the same 8.2oz I inputted in the first image above.

    What am I missing here and what do I have to change to get WooCommerce to reflect the correct total weight (8.2oz)?

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  • Plugin Support EtienneP


    Hi @cpkid1,

    The Max weight of package and contents setting is not used by WooCommerce Services to calculate the Total Weight of the package, it uses it to see if the product will not be too heavy for the package you have created.

    Instead, the total weight is calculated by adding the Weight of empty package and the weight of the product that you have entered on the product itself.

    In your second screenshot, I see you have a product called Item 1. If you edit that product, what is the weight of it like this;

    Link to image:

    That weight, together with the Weight of empty package that you have entered when creating the package will be the total weight.

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