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  • Plugin Author Brecht


    That’s ridiculous. The free version works perfectly fine and plenty of users are happy with the features it offers and don’t need any of the advanced stuff.

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    You must understand wordpress is a free platform where majority of users are here who run their websites based on free platform and don’t have extra budget to pay for every plugin. It is good you have built a plugin but free version is totally useless and everywhere you click “Get the paid version”.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    I wouldn’t be able to create and support any of my plugins without the Premium versions.

    The basics of the free version work perfectly well and it’s very clear from the plugin page what’s possible with the free version and what not.

    If the useful features for you are part of the Premium version only, the free plugin might just not be the right fit for you but I think it’s unfair to give it a 1 star review as everything it says it does (clearly stated) it does quite well.

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    Exactly! I rated that very free useless version not your paid version 🙂

    Plugin Author Brecht


    When you rate a plugin you rate the features that are there. The features that are in the free plugin work just fine and can be used for plenty of websites.

    If you’re looking for other features, just look for another plugin, not leave a bad rating.

    It’s clearly stated what the plugin does. It does those things perfectly well. Support is good. Does that sound like 1 star?

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    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    You must understand wordpress is a free platform where majority of users are here who run their websites based on free platform and don’t have extra budget to pay for every plugin.

    You can leave whatever review you like, but be aware that people do read them and you don’t seem to understand a basic premise.

    Does this functionality work?

    An overview of the WP Ultimate Post Grid features:

    • Use posts, pages or custom post types as the source
    • Grids are responsive and will look good on any device
    • Ability to set order by options
    • Link to the actual post or featured image
    • Define custom links for posts
    • Add an isotope filter for any taxonomy
    • Deeplinking directly to a filtered grid
    • Grids and filters can be added anywhere with their own shortcode
    • Multiple templates for your grids
    • Possibility to use pagination

    If yes and your 1 star review is based solely on this:

    All the useful features are paid and nothing worth testing in free version.

    Then you’re being unfair.

    *Drinks coffee*

    But it’s up to you for what review you leave. As I said, people do read them and yours will be discounted. You might want to consider at least saying “Thank you” for the gift of this free plugin. 😉

    Thread Starter picaya


    My friend it might be the most coziest job in the world to judge people while drinking coffee but may be you can tell better as I’m not good at it 😉

    Please allow me to tell you what I am thankful for *smiling* I am thank full for wordpress which is a great great great platform and if they have made a part of it like pages or post section paid? I would rate them 1 as well and not because they have made it paid but because they have made a essential part paid and sold out the whole purpose of the software.

    And let me tell you more what I am thankful for.. I am thank full for

    -s2members plugin despite having paid their free version is exceptional
    -I am thankful for woocommerce plugin
    -I am thankful for Akismet plugin
    -I am thankful for Contact Form 7 plugin
    -I am thankful for All in One SEO Pack plugin
    -I am thankful for Google XML Sitemaps by Arne
    -I am thankful for Yoast plugin
    -I am thankful for WP Super Cache plugin
    -I am thankful for W3Total Cache plugin
    -I am thankful for Better WP Security plugin
    -I am thankful for WP-DBManager plugin

    I am thankful for each of them and many more plugins which I have used so far and still using where they have allowed me to use them for free and they are useful as well where most of them also have a paid version but free version satisfy most of your basic needs and makes your life easier.

    But you need to be more practical than emotional to understand what I’m saying 🙂

    I can understand your sympathy and it’s pretty easy to judge someone but that doesn’t make you right nor it makes me wrong because opinion is just an opinion and yes people will read this and they will decide but I’m not here to make their opinion or tell them what to think or what not to think if they are wise they’ll find their way which I am very sure they will 🙂

    A plugin can have 10 features for free if they are not useful then they are not useful and I see no reason to be thankful for it if it is not useful.

    TO AUTHOR: An important piece of advice for you 🙂 Some may find your software great they’ll rate high but some may find it less worthy as well they will rate less. So, there is no need to jump the gun like a child with your own “ridiculed” behavior instead care to ask them what went wrong, how you can improve it or how the plugin was unworthy? what was their expectations and why they rated what they rated.

    You can reply all you want now as I’m leaving here because I don’t see how worthy wasting anymore time than this can be so take it or leave it, it’s up to you.

    Thread Starter picaya


    Rating 3/5 which I hope makes you happy now..

    Plugin Author Brecht


    I understand that some features you require for your website are not part of the free version, which basically makes it worthless to you. But saying that there is “nothing worth testing” and that the “free version is totally useless” just got to me as I feel that the free version can definitely stand on its own and has enough features to be useful for plenty of people.

    It’s not easy finding a good balance between the free and premium version. I’d like to offer all the good stuff for free, but then I just wouldn’t be able to create, update and support my WordPress plugins.

    Anyway, I appreciate you changing it to a 3-star review and will take your feedback into account.

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