• To bad I can’t give MINUS stars.

    This plugin not only does not work, getting your app into the Google play store going to be a trial in frustration.

    As for support, to call it worthless would be a gross understatement.

    Totally incompetent is the best I can say but that’s not the worst of it…

    Even after this company ripped me off the first time, I was tricked into buying the same plugin again from them repackaged and made to look like a different product and claiming that you could create iso apps (Apple) as well as Android apps.

    Since the original plugin could only do Android, at the time I was good with that but that was a mistake because the plugin quit working and of course, I got to run around from the joke that is support.

    Fast forward to 2019 and I get an email about a supposedly “new” product , rip off renamed, “Modish App Styler” claiming that with it you could now create iso Apple apps as well.

    What a joke and what a lie! After waiting two days to even get the plugin link from them the link they sent finally came.

    I downloaded the file and right out of the gate I got an error saying that there was not plugins in the file.

    Little wonder because these stooges didn’t know how to package up a WordPress plugin so that it would install.

    I wonder how many support tickets they got from others who didn’t know how to open the .zip file and fix it so that the plugin would install.

    Well I got the file set right and when I installed it, I was stunned!!

    What they sold me was the same damn no good, worthless plugin they sold me months before!

    A total rip off that WILL NOT create iso Apple apps as they claim and you will be lucky if you can get it to create and Android app.

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