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  • I had written a small crawler to count the total number of WordPress blogs that ping and It looks at the meta tags in the blogs to determine the version and tool used to build the blog. It has unearthed dissappointing results (so far). Matt (and others) have suggested heuristic methods and other means to make the determination and I will be implementing them in the future. In the meantime, here are the most recent stats:

    total blogs crawled: 58641
    total wordpress blogs: 216
    total Blogger blogs: 16113
    total Typepad blogs: 1549
    total .Text blogs: 323
    total BlogTool 1.4 blogs: 262

    I was really hoping to find more blogs that are run by WordPress. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of WordPress blogs do not have the original meta tags from the index and are thus not responding the way they should. In order to circumvent this problem(while I come up with better heuristics, any help is appreciated there as well), I would really like to solicit some help from the WordPress community. If you are a blogger and your blog is using the WordPress application (any version) please click on this link, type in the url of your blog and click on submit. If your blog url is already in the database, it will make sure that it is recognized as a WordPress blog and will show you the list of WordPress blogs crawled so far. This list can be used for publicity and for various other WordPress related issues and statistics. Thank you for your participation. Here is the link to the stats page:
    Please feel free to post the above links in your own blogs.

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  • Whoooops, mine is in there twice, although with different URL’s. One is with www and one is without.
    What about people that aren’t using it any longer. Did you want an update for that?

    added mine =D

    SG: As for yout blog showing up twice, I will leave it alone for now and weed out later. For people that are not using it any longer, I would leave the determination upto you. If you think that they belong on the stats, please go for it! Nothing would hurt. 🙂
    And a thank you to you and GamerZ for helping to promote WP!

    Added mine!

    Added mine too.
    To be honest, I don’t have trackbacks or ping anything. Don’t quite see the point…….
    Maybe I should go read about it all.

    This sounds more like a marketing issue.
    What is the WP community doing to get the “Word” out? Is it listed on SourceForge? Freashmeat?
    If getting users is important, then there needs to be an organized effort.

    My opinion only: I think there is a fair amount of work that needs to happen before WordPress is ready for “the masses”.

    I really hate to say it but, being a user of WP, and a former user of blogger and MT, I have to agree with Alex.
    There are still a few paramount quirks and bugs that really need to be ironed out first.

    As a Mac user, I’m used to be part of the “others” 5% kinda people and I quite enjoy it. I’m sure it’s obvious to everyone but me but: why is it so important to try to get the maximum amount of people to use WP?
    ok, I’ll go add my blog to your DB now 🙂

    OJ, what are those bugs? They’re a few things I’d like to see different or a few features I’d like added but I didn’t come accross any bug yet…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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