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  • OK. I’m tearing what remains of my hair right out.
    I’m stuck on the most basic of steps, and I simply can’t face trawling thru all the posts here to figure out what’s wrong. Am soooo close to giving up…

    Downloaded WordPress
    Managed to make MySQL database & user
    Opened ws-config.php & made the necessary alts
    Opened ws-config.php in Dreamweaver (and added server as it nags)
    Server access tests ok in Dreamweaver

    If I try to open any file in Dreamweaver, or a browser, I just get a blank screen. What am I supposed to do in order to see this legendary “admin panel” that everyone keeps mentioning????

    Please help. Or else I’m going to kick my dog!
    (ok, ok, so I’m only kidding about the dog)


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  • WordPress is meant to install on a web server, not in DreamWeaver. You can install it on a local computer for development purposes, but it requires a variation of an AMP stack (MAMP, WAMP, or XAMP).

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks for the quick response (and thanks from the dog, too)

    I’ve tried using MAMP (I’m on a Mac). But gave up when it wouldn’t work.

    And I was trying to get Dreamweaver to upload the relevant files to my remote server. But I can’t see a path to put the WP files, so I made a folder named wp and uploaded the lot there….

    You can kinda tell I’m just a simple designer, not a coder….


    Where you upload the files depends on how you want WordPress to work. If you uplaod them to the root directory of the domain then WordPress will be the domains’s site. Since you uploaded the files to a folder called wp you’ll need to go to the correct address.

    This should take you to your WordPress site (replace with your actual domain)

    This should take you to your WordPress admin dashboard:

    I hope this helps!

    Can you post a link to the domain you installed WordPress on and I’d be happy to look into the further for you.

    Tim – many thanks, once again.
    I’ve done exactly that – uploaded the whole thing to a folder named wp on my server. Altered the config to read the correct database (and checked a million times that the spelling & syntax is correct). Yet when I try to open the wp-admin file (on my server) I just get a blank web page…

    Am close to tears, and close to giving up!

    My website is:
    and the path to the WP files is

    Glum – wasted a whole day and got nowhere…

    For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that if I open wp-config in my browser, some process takes place – cos the web page that ends up blank is actually called “install.php”


    When I try to go to the link to WP, it is returning a 500 error. You need to check your file permissions and make sure they are set correctly. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to look into your server error logs to see the exact nature of the error. It looks like you haven’t finished the install process yet, hence the re-direct to the install page.

    Cheers Tim.
    I assume you mean permissions on the server? I have absolutely no idea how to do that… I know that permissions for me to log in to the database are correct (ie ALL)…

    I think I’ll give up on WP and stick to Photoshop!

    Thanks anyway. Appreciate your time.

    You don’t have to give up! We’ll certainly help you as much as we possibly can. A couple of things:

    Files and folders have permissions. Here’s a link to the guide on it:

    Also, contact your web hosting provider. I’m sure they can help you get this square. WordPress is a great content management system. As with anything new, it does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you learn it – it’s fantastic!

    It has nothing to do with the database at this point. We’ll get you through it. Just take a deep breath!

    PS – I found how to check permissions with my FTP client (Transmit), and they are not the problem – the whole lot is set to RWX (ie 777)

    So: am totally stumped!

    Dunno if I’m totally stupid or if there’s some real problem… but thanks for the moral support!

    777 is a security risk. Do not set your files to 777 and that can cause the 500 error. Read through the link I sent you about file permissions and make sure they are set appropriately.

    If changing them to what they should be doesn’t work contact your host to have them look at the server’s error logs for the exact error.

    I changed them all to 777 (temporarily) in desperation, after the default permissions didn’t work. I’ve deleted the entire folder from my server now. There’s no point contacting my host now – here in the UK it’s 1800hrs…. sigh….

    Maybe I’ll upload them once more overnight. But this really is turning into a battle. Really appreciate your time, but am feeling very despondent about the whole thing now.

    I really wanted to start developing a new content-managed site to (eventually) replace my old, outdated one. And this holiday time seemed the ideal time to start. But I need something WAY more easy to install than this!

    Sorry to sound so negative, but I have wasted an entire day on this. Am giving up, certainly for today.


    Hi David,

    Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on a new day is the best solution. If you want to try again and run into problems or have questions, thats what we’re here for!

    Have a great new year!

    Well. I’ve tried again, and even checked ALL permissions (both the folders and the files) and the problem persists. It just hangs on the install page (

    Any suggestions or ideas gratefully received.
    My eyelids are propped open with matchsticks.


    It looks like you haven’t finished the install process yet, hence the re-direct to the install page.

    Hang on a minute….
    Haven’t finished the install? What else should I do after altering the wp-config file? Is there a stage I’ve missed???


    Are you trying to add a blog to your existing html site or the big plan is to move everything once finished to the new WordPress site?

    Get the MAMP working, this way you know everything works before going live. Also you can work without internet any time.

    If your host closes down after 6 o’clock, get another host please. Hosting is cheap and not worth the hassle, your dog will appreciate it too. Tim is a good person to talk to about that.

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