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  • IDX Broker is the industry standard from my research.

    Think very hard before you jump into using their product if you haven’t before.

    The way it works is after you or your client provides them the necessary info your account is set up.

    Then their system generates a bunch preconfigured pages and widgets on their subdomain, which you can customize a little. Fine.

    Just know to implement things into your site you are going to need to bounce back and forth between your IDX account to configure or create widgets and pages.

    There is very little you can do on the WordPress end except access widgets and shortcodes, which again, have to be created over at IDX Broker in your account.

    There is no universal or global area to set colors. Which means if you are implementing it into your site branding you have to go through every little element with your browser inspector and figure out how to override the css. Have fun with that.

    Beyond the CSS nightmares you have to configure page titles and meta descriptions at IDX Broker. Your IDX pages show up in WordPress through the plugin but anything configured there, even in Yoast SEO, doesn’t show up.

    Finding information about configuring and styling everything is another huge problem.

    To access their developer forum they want you to become and official developer and pay $99.

    I’ve had several tech support phone calls where support told me things that were not true which I eventually had to figure out on my own. Don’t get me wrong, they are really nice people.

    It feels like a product from the early 2000’s.

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  • Plugin Author IDX Broker


    Hi Matt,
    I wish we could disagree with each and every item in your review! You make a couple of good points, and I’m sorry that the wrinkles (some new, some old) caused you frustration.

    The end-to-end experience, as it stands this very moment, is not as effort-free as we’d like it to be. Yes, there is some back-and-forth that is necessary to customize some items – particularly those items that are MLS-specific. Part of that back-and-forth is a byproduct of ensuring that we’re being flexible enough to accommodate a host of different needs – all the while making integration reasonably simple for use with hundreds of different MLS, themes and frameworks.

    Moreover, dropping the full weight/power of all the IDX tools in the IMPress plugin has presented a challenge; that is, we don’t want it to sink the ship!

    This review is certainly timely for us. We’re realigning many of our resources into making the IMPress experience a better one. Many subscribers love the benefits, power and customizability they see with this plugin – still, our goal is to make seeing those benefits more readily realized for everyone.

    Tony R
    Support Manager

    mattmikulla: What are you using instead?

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