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  • Found out after using the plug in that my development website ( with cloud installation of WordPress at host provider was on a different server than my placeholder production website ( built with a cloud installation of a different tool at the host provider. The production website on the other server was thus not going to move itself out of the way to let the plug in do everything the end customer might wish for. The host provider has since put changes into motion and from first glances at the content seems pretty sure that the plug in got the urls ready, and when the server adjustment are replicated with the worldwide servers, the WordPress material will in fact be usable at, and I will be finally be able to get back into the WP admin via and close any small gaps. I will edit the review with the final conclusion. Hoping for a perfect result. IT savvy but relatively speaking. Laypeople suffer from IT lingo/detail overload, which is why we buy plug-ins!

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  • Plugin Author Mat Lipe



    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with this plugin and that our support was not able to offer assistance within 19 minutes of submitting a request.

    Again, sorry we were unable to help you in time. It is unfortunate it took us 1 hour and 33 minutes to get to your request instead of 18 minutes.


    Mat Lipe

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    Plugin Author Mat Lipe


    Hi James,

    As mentioned in the support response our support team was able to track down the issue to your domain/server config and not actually a plugin issue as stated here.

    Now that you understand the issue was not due to this plugin but in fact a server configuration, I would be really grateful if you amend this review.

    Thank you

    Mat Lipe

    Dear Mat

    Your precise usage of (very fast) response times does shame me for my haste. At the end of my work day, 48 hours of tedious changes in preparation to to live, exhausted, the malfunction of the go live put me in a very frustrated state. Indeed the problem was not from the plug in but due to logical set-ups at the website host provider. The production placeholder website was built using a simple tool they make, whereas the development website using a cloud installation of WordPress was on a separate server, yielding a full disconnect that would undermine the plug-in. The host provider is making the underlying shift, and the work performed by the plug-in should be visible to me when worldwide servers have replicated, i.e. within 24 hrs. Ideally the plug-in could preempt the kind of unique crisis I encountered, signaling a needed step before completing its work. However, perhaps the plug-in was trying to signal, since after clicking to make it happen, my screen delivered a wealth of site info (pertaining to my site) that was displayed exactly how formatted site’s look when not loaded fully, i.e. list format, overlapping data, making it very hard to read or know what to click next. This incomplete load to my screen may have been a one-off fluke, peak times late afternoon; my data download speed here in the USA is very fast though, and hardly ever sluggishness that could suggest my sites are hosted abroad. I will adjust the review of the plug-in.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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