• I’m lucky in that I managed to get the addon for half price. I should have tested the plugin before buying the addon. This plugin is barely functional. I tried to add a paragraph as part of an application and once I added it, it would not let me move it or edit it. I could not move/rearrange any of the fields around. I have tried several other application and form builders and by far this is the worst in terms of drag and drop ability to design a form. The only reason I tried it is for the PDF export capability and since I can’t even get the MAIN plugin to work, I have no reason to continue on.

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  • Plugin Author Farhan Noor


    Hi @falconreid,
    Really sorry for any inconvenience caused. We are here to help you out. After receiving your frustrated review, our development team fully tested this plugin once again specially the Drag & Drop utility in Application Form Builder on ad editor. The team concluded that the Drag & Drop functionality is working perfect on all major browsers including Chrome & Firefox.

    Although the Drag & Drop utility is working perfect at our side, however one may still face a problem due to number of issues. Here is the list:

    1. Another plugin or theme on your website got conflicted with ApplyOnline plugin.
    2. An outdated plugin or theme got conflicted with the ApplyOnline plugin, updating all installed plugins & themes on the website to the latest versions can fix this problem
    3. The plugin development team did not perform testing on a specific platform where you got the issues. To help fix this, you should provide the full information of your platform to the plugin developers such as Web Browser name & version, WordPress version, ApplyOnline plugin version, PHP version, etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you to help fix this plugin issue.

    Thank you & stay safe

    Thread Starter falconreid


    I appreciate your intent to improve things. While your plugin may function, it’s not exactly designed with the user experience in mind. I highly suggest you have someone with UX/UI experience compare it to others out there. It really needs a lot more focus on drag and drop functionality. And while it may have been another plugin that caused the errors I described, I tried several other plugins similar to yours and none of those had the same issues. In the end, I have found a custom solution. Best of luck to you and your team!

    Plugin Author Farhan Noor


    Hi Falconreid,
    Thank you for your suggestion to improve the user experience. We will audit our entire system to make it more user friendly.

    For Drag and Drop, we are using famous JQuery Sortable library https://jqueryui.com/sortable/. Luckily this jQuery library is provided within WordPress itself and you can find it in following WordPress reference in Default Scripts and JS Libraries section: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_enqueue_script/ Currently this plugin is successfully being used by 5000+ active users. It would be great if you could tell us on what browser you found Drag n Drop utility not functioning.

    Thank you for the critical review, it will help us to make it more user friendly by doing a top down full analysis of the user experience & fix any bugs encountered.

    Best Regards

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