• I am attempting to use the TOS option for the first time.

    I tried to use the shortcode on a page, but it seems like the user guide said that it would not work. I don’t want the TOS to appear on the registration page, but rather on another page. How can I accomplish this, Chad?


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    TOS gives you two options. You can place your TOS content into the Terms of Service setting under the dialogs tab.

    Alternatively, (and this sounds like what you want) create a page with your Terms of Service content. Use the TOS shortcode in the setting to indicate the location of the TOS content; i.e. [wp-members page=”tos” url=”http://yoursite.com/your-tos-page”]

    Chad, let me explain a little bit more of what I am trying to accomplish.

    A user can register and login (of course after activating their account) and then design their own t-shirt. However, if they want to join a club that is for t-shirt designers, they have to read the page on t-shirt designers and agree to the terms. If they are already logged in, they will see a box explaining the terms and have to click the checkbox. But if the person is not logged in, the user will see a link that will lead to the registration page.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The TOS isn’t really going to work that way. What you have is essentially two groups of users, the second group being a subset of the first with a second level of requirements (terms). There is not a built in process to handle that.

    The framework could handle it, but you’d have to do some customization of your flow. In general, you would need a secondary process for users that wanted to join the second group. You could ask them to update their info and include a terms checkoff at that point, or you just have a terms checkoff process that then adds them to the second group, which I would do with an additional user meta. Then you could validate that user meta in a wpmem_securify filter to determine which group(s) the user belongs to.

    There are a lot of hooks in the framework. You can get a list here: http://rocketgeek.com/plugins/wp-members/users-guide/filter-hooks/

    I looked up stuff on user meta and I think that might be better with what I want to do. So I am thinking based on your suggestions to add a user meta upon registration called “join-club” with a default value of no. Then when they log in and go to the design club page, they can read the terms and check the checkbox (this will show up if the default value of that user meta field is no).

    So in order to do that, the first step is where I’d go to the Fields Tab (in WP MEMBERS setting page) and fill in information (especially, setting the field type to checkbox) at the bottom to create a new user meta?

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