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  • Plugin Author Clifford Paulick


    Hi Terri P.

    Thanks for using my plugin.

    I see your Privacy Policy link in the lower-left and your Terms link in the lower right corners of your site-wide footer.

    Note: this plugin does not create either of these links.

    The links correctly point to

    Those 2 pages are where you are using this plugin’s shortcodes, and they appear to be working just fine.

    I assume your real issue is that these 2 footer looks work on all pages except your home page. This is caused by div.fadein-slider, which might be coming from your Zerif theme. You should contact that theme’s author if this is really your issue.

    I hope this information helped. Please let me know…

    Thank you clifford. I will check into Zerif. Is there a way to change my terms and conditions to the terms the attorneys made for me?

    Plugin Author Clifford Paulick


    You’re welcome.

    I believe you’re asking for this feature request:

    If you have a custom/unique TOS or PP from your attorney, I’m interested to know why you wouldn’t just paste it into your WordPress page instead of using this plugin’s shortcode(s).

    Thanks again! Because I am learning as I go:(

    Plugin Author Clifford Paulick


    I’m glad to help.

    Hopefully everything with my plugin is good to go. If it is, feel free to leave a quick review to help me out.

    Have a good one!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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