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  • I have been a long time MT user and therefore know my way around quite well. I switched one of my blogs to WP, and then liking

    what I’d seen, switched my main blog over. However after fiddling for a while, I’ve at least temporarily switched my main blog back

    to MT. 🙁 My dilemma is that I really WANT to use wordpress, but the more I did, the more I missed a couple of things from MT.

    Many of the things I initially missed from MT I found plugins to fix (such as the enhanced post list and enhanced comment editing

    plugins.) Here’s what I have not solved yet and hope maybe someday WP might consider which (and I realize that much of this may be due to my own lack of WP knowledge, though I do try and search the forums, codex and google for any answers I’m looking for):

    The two plugins mentioned above should be core functionality in my opinion. Ease of administration is key, and being able to view

    all posts, comments, posts by category etc, is vitally important to me.

    I have not been able to replicate my “Daily Haiku” box seen at
    In MT I used a plugin which allows you to pull posts from another blog and display them.

    This led to my next problem in that I had imported all the posts from my main blog and my separate Haiku blog into one WP install

    hoping to use the ability to exclude categories and such to replicate the previous feature. After I couldn’t do it and decided I didn’t

    want my Haiku posts in my main blog, there was no easy way to get rid of them. The “easiest” method I found in the forums was

    running a SQL query and such, which I wasn’t really comfortable doing and wasn’t sure if it would get rid of all pertinent info (such

    as comments too). I really missed my ability to delete mass amounts of posts at once, all checked posts, or all posts in a category,

    etc. I also missed this ability when I had first installed and was getting to know the program and wanted to test importing and such.

    I often wanted to delete all my posts and start again without deleting the entire database and starting from scratch again (although

    in WP favor, deleting the entire DB and starting from scratch was pretty damn easy and only slightly more painful than if I’d been

    able to delete all posts).

    At another point I wanted to find all instances of target=”_Blank” and delete them from all posts. MT has a great search function and search and replace function. I did find a plugin that would do it but not nearly as elegantly, and it was kind of scary that it said “This is a very hacky experiment plugin so be warned. It is advisable to backup your database before running this plugin.”

    I really miss the incredible ease of exporting and importing MT entries. Importing is painless in WP, but there is no real export aside from saving your database which doesn’t really help in certain cases.

    Some very minor quibbles which aren’t really a big deal, but still tiny issues to me:
    I also really like MT’s ability to completely separate trackbacks and comments. I researched and found out how to do this in WP but it required far too much effort and hacking compared to how important that feature really was to me.

    I also like MT’s search results (on the actual web page, not in admin panel) better than WP which just returns all posts which include your search, while MT returns the headlines and an excerpt.

    I haven’t figured out how to include 15 posts on my index, and 15 more (offset to continue where th index left off) on the sidebar like I can in MT.

    Since my WP install is quite new, I haven’t had to really deal with comment or trackback spam yet, so I have no idea how that compares with MT, though I do love the MT-blacklist plugin. I’ve heard WP is great at dealing with spam.

    As I said, my dilemma is that I really like WP and what it stands for. I love that it produces valid code, is open source, and I’ve heard it has a great community. I plan on leaving my front page as a WP blog as it is far less demanding that my “Human” page and that will allow me to keep an eye on WP’s progress and development. As far as my “Human” page though, I keep flip-flopping and at the moment have gone back to MT until I’m more comfortable that I won’t regret going to WP with it (as I did today when I wanted to get rid of all the “Haiku” posts and just had to click “delete”>”OK” several hundred times). I love WP and this is meant to be constructive feedback, not any kind of slagging off, or criticism. I just thought it was important for the developers to know when and why people choose another system. I will continue to learn, recommend, and watch the progress of WP in hopes that I will be able to full make the leap with no hesitation permanently! I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten a few things, but if I think of them, I’ll post them here.

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  • Um, can you summarize the actual points of your dilemma? It’s probably found up there somewhere, but I sort of got lost on the trip.

    “In MT I used a plugin which allows you to pull posts from another blog and display them”
    – try something like CG-FeedRead, and pull in the quotes via the RSS feed of another blog (even a second WP blog…), and display only 1 randomly from the x in the feed.
    – for sidebar entries from your own blog, you can do much the same thing, just telling it to pull from a specific category, and just show titles and not body/description.

    “separate comments and trackback”
    – I believe there are a bunch of plugins that already do this, as I’ve seen threads in the last week or so.

    “mass editing”
    – available for comments, but aside from importing it isn’t a generally-needed feature. not to say it isn’t USEFUL when you DO need it. 😉 could make for a useful little plugin (delete all posts, delete posts in category, delete posts matching search, etc.). Though I’d rather make them all ‘drafts’ as a first pass, then delete the drafts. 😉

    other things:
    – the search results page should be a theme-thing, so you should be able to customize it to show whatever you want to show.
    – to ‘continue’ results in a sidebar would require a custom plugin — I’ve never heard that particular request before. You’d need to take the current query, and do the ‘next page’ query, and display maybe just the titles or something…
    – lots of antispam stuff. CG-Referrer and CG-AntiSpam are my approach. Lots of folks like SpamKarma. There’s enough solutions now to keep you pretty clear of spam…


    Well you should just be positioning the menu using margin-top. The borkage is being caused by the fixed height possibly ?

    Thanks for the feedback. I do plan on continuing to play with wordpress mainly to try to increase my knowlege of how to work it and find solutions such as those suggested. I hope to be able to dump MT for wordpress, but for the moment I’ve just become to attached to some of the features. I am determined to change that, though…

    Soory guys. I was in the wrong thread above. Mods please delete if you feel inclined.

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